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April 30th, 2016 | by Wendy Simard, HoneyBook


Like HoneyBook, Aisle Society, understands the power of collaboration. A collective of over 30 leading wedding blogs worldwide, the ladies of Aisle Society have joined together to create a new hub for wedding inspiration. Powered by content from each individual blog, they’re serving up diverse and easily searchable wedding inspiration. Brides can follow their favorite vendors to see a range of their work, filter by location and even subscribe to specific contributors so they’re not overwhelmed with content that’s irrelevant to them. In addition to these snazzy features, Aisle Society has an extra perk: every post is booking-enabled thanks to the handy dandy HoneyBook widget. That’s right! Wedding blogs just got a major update.

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As a vendor it can be difficult to tell which marketing strategy is driving inquiries into your inbox. Are you being discovered from your spot-on Instagram account, that listing on the Knot or the ever-important blog feature from a few months back. Making it easy to inquire upon discovery is the first step in providing you with more insights into where your clients are coming from and which blogs you need to be submitting to.

When a wedding or styled shoot you were involved in is published, Aisle Society amplifies its value by increasing the size of the audience that sees it. Not only will it be published on the original blog AND on Aisle Society, but because brides and grooms can search by color, category, style and more, older posts can be more easily discovered by a client that may have missed it on a traditional blog.

If you’ve been published on Aisle Society, head to the site and make sure to sync it with your HoneyBook account so you can start capturing inquiries associated with your feature. Haven’t been published but looking for more wisdom from the brilliant bloggers behind Aisle Society? Browse their always insightful posts on the HoneyBook blog!


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