5 Possible Reasons Your Blog Submission Was Rejected

August 26th, 2016 | by Victoria Deardorff

5 reasons

You just contributed to the most amazing, most well-put-together shoot.  The styling was flawless.  The photos were on point.  The write-up was thoughtful and thorough; you even followed the blogger’s submission instructions to a T.  But unfortunately, the submission was still rejected.  Don’t get too down on yourself though!  The reason behind the rejection could likely have nothing to do with the quality of your work.  In the blogger’s case, this may very well be an “It’s not you; it’s me” scenario.  Here are 5 (perhaps unexpected but very) possible reasons your blog submission was rejected.    

The shoot doesn’t match the blog’s aesthetic

Maybe the blog caters to the light, airy, romantic look and your shoot focused on a more modern style.  Or perhaps the blog’s readers lean more heavily towards eclectic rock ‘n roll, while your style is rustic chic.  Whatever it is, if the shoot doesn’t match the blog’s aesthetic, it likely won’t get picked up.  That doesn’t mean you didn’t do a beautiful job; it just means you have to keep looking for the right blog fit.


Photo by Jenni Grace Photography

Too many portraits/not enough detail shots

While most portraits are beautiful and capturing emotion is really something, they aren’t why readers visit blogs.  Brides read blogs for ideas and inspiration, both of which can always be found in detail shots.  If your submission focuses too much on faces and not enough on nitty, gritty shots, it likely won’t be accepted.  If you’re aiming to get featured, keep this in mind while shooting and capture every detail you can from all angles imaginable.

The blog just featured a similar session

Do your homework and time your submission right.  If a blog just featured another session with a similar style as yours, you might want to rethink your submission strategy.  Bloggers need to keep their content varied and publishing duplicitous features won’t help them do this.  Keep an eye on what your favorite blogger has been featuring recently and be on the lookout for anything in the same ball park.

A competitor blog just featured a similar session

Just as bloggers need to keep their own content varied, they also need to keep it unique when compared to other bloggers.  Editors want their content to stand out.  So that means if they’ve recently seen a similar feature on a competitor blog, they may stay away from it for their own editorial calendar. 

The style isn’t innovative

If you want your submission to be featured, it can’t be styled after something that is currently all over Pinterest.  You need to be forward thinking and innovative!  What are the up and coming trends?  What is expected to be hot next year?  Remember… there will be some lag time between the shoot, when you submit it, and when the feature does live.  And the session needs to be on point with what is hot when the latter happens.  Don’t be trendy…be a trendsetter.


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Victoria Deardorff is the founder and editor of Burgh Brides, a blog dedicated to inspiring, showcasing, and celebrating Pittsburgh weddings. With real wedding and engagement features, vendor recommendations, planning tips, and loads of ideas and inspiration, Burgh Brides is the go-to wedding planning resource for those getting married in Pittsburgh. When she isn’t working full time as an event planner or running her business, Victoria is a wife and dog mom. She, of course, lives in Pittsburgh.

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