5 Simple Tricks for Providing the Best Online Customer Experience

May 11th, 2017 | by Adam Tanguay, Weebly

Every small business owner dreams of success. For some, that means growth and expansion. For others, that means making enough to be financially secure. Securing and consistently delighting customers is crucial in either case. How do you accomplish that? Communicate clearly and consistently, and gain trust by delivering promised products and services in the manner customers expect.

Getting the mix right could take time. Accelerate results by adopting these five simple, proven tricks for providing the best possible online customer experience:

  1. Automate follow-up

Whether you are using Honeybook or a third-party app, it’s crucial to have a workflow that includes automated follow-up on every sale, every service request, every inquiry, and if possible, every returning visitor to your eCommerce site. Repeat visitors are more likely to become customers if they’re engaged at the right moment. Develop and deliver clear, opt-in communications with those with whom you do business—and those with whom you wish to do business.

  1. Streamline returns

Mistakes happen. Customers also change their minds. In each case, it’s important to have an infrastructure for processing returns online, without involving one or more customer service agents. Honeybook has both templates and automated features for handling these sorts of requests. Whether you use Honeybook or another app for managing returns, remember to pull monthly or more frequent reports to track performance. How often are agents getting involved? How long does it take to resolve the return and get a new product to your customer? Follow the data and be sure to recognize employees who demonstrate consistent improvement.

  1. Calculate sales tax and shipping rates automatically

Every small business has infrastructure. For an eCommerce business, that includes making it easy to calculate and pay sales tax and shipping. Use apps to add these features to your site automatically. For example, at Weebly, we make it easy for customers to use Shippo for real-time shipping using any carrier for destinations around the globe. Can you imagine? One app can make your store a global brand, if you so choose.

  1. Automate recommendations

Major retailers and consumer products specialists like to use data to deliver recommendations to customers in hopes of snagging some easy business. It’s a smart strategy, and it’s one your business can copy, if you’ve got a service such as Honeybook. Activate automation to let customers who’ve just bought see what others buy after making a similar purchase. Or, get wild and send an email featuring completely unrelated products and track the clicks—you might learn more than you expect.

  1. Increase responsiveness with mobile access

With over 100 million smartphones in the world and mobile’s share of eCommerce revenue on the rise, it’s only natural to want a site and store that’s friendly to mobile users. Use responsive design when creating your store to create a consistent look and feel when returning shoppers visit via iPhone after years of shopping only on the desktop. Your customers will appreciate your consistency.

More Americans are shopping online than ever before, creating a massive opportunity for the elite businesses that dig deep and learn these five tricks to delivering an exceptional customer experience on the web. Is your company using them?


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Adam Tanguay, Weebly

Adam Tanguay is responsible for SEO, Content and Organic Growth at Weebly, a simple yet powerful website builder used by thousands of businesses.

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