May 15th, 2017 | by HoneyBook

We’re thrilled to announce our newest feature: Batch Email!

Need to contact your client, your client’s mom, and your client’s 14 best friends? Great. It’s now easier than ever to send emails to small or large numbers of your clients or friends at once. Whatever you decide to use it for—announcements, special promotions, holiday greetings, or anything else—Batch Emails make things simple.

What makes Batch Emails so great?

  • Sort & select from HoneyBook Contacts

No more struggling to compile a list of recipients and no more accidentally forgetting to include someone important. Simply filter your contacts by category (i.e. clients or creatives) or search by name, email, or company name.

  • Test emails

No post-send-button regret. Go ahead and send yourself a test email before the batch goes out. That way, you’ll have a chance to catch any mistakes, like the dreaded wrong date slip up.

  • Track open rates

View open rates for each batch email you send and find out exactly how well your emails are performing. Pro tip: use clear and compelling subject lines, like these.


Who can use Batch Emails?

Any HoneyBook member who has a Gmail integration set up can send batch emails. (If you don’t have Gmail set up, don’t worry, it’s simple —you can read all about it here.) So get excited, you can now send two different batch emails a day, with up to 100 recipients for each one.


How do I send a Batch Email?

  • To start, click on your ‘People‘ tab
  • On the right rail, click on the section called ‘Batch Email’
  • Welcome to the batch email creator! Here you can craft your email and send yourself a test message.
  • Once you’re sure you’ve got everything just right, continue to the next step to select your desired recipients. You can filter your contacts by client or vendor, or search by name, email, or company name.
  • Next, send it out! The final screen will not notify you when all the emails have been sent, so there’s no need to wait before closing the batch email page. (And heads up, the screen will also close automatically after 20 seconds.)


How do I see how  my emails are performing?

  • People > Batch Email
  • Here you can access dates sent, recipients, and open rates.

We can’t wait to see how you connect with your clients in a new, more powerful way! As always, send any questions or comments to [email protected]

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