Closing the deal takes more than sales tactics

July 18th, 2017 | by Justin Kanoya


Ahhh convenience.

Convenience is that little thing in our life that we are willing to pay a little extra for because frankly, it would be inconvenient to use the alternative. It’s the type of thing that helps us make a decision because continuing to weigh additional options would be … wait for it … inconvenient.

As a small business owner and service provider for hire, convenience is really my best friend. 

Until HoneyBook came into my business life, I had only accepted check or cash as payment.  I was feeling dated by not accepting credit cards, especially when I realized how I felt anytime I was in a “cash only” situation. Therefore, HoneyBook’s credit card payment feature was a huge selling point for me. (Sidenote: It does always seem that “cash only” restaurants serve some of the best food. Like the cash only taco shops in Southern California. But I digress …) 

“There was this new sense of confidence when customers would ask me how my payment process worked”

When I started using HoneyBook, there was this new sense of confidence when customers would ask me how my payment process worked. I would smile and let them know that the whole process was “digital”. Just login when you return home, e-sign and pay with a credit card.

While this was nice, something still didn’t feel right. Here was a person, not really even a potential customer at that point but a “I want to sign and pay right now” customer; and yet I couldn’t completely finish off the deal. I would send them on their way, hoping they would follow those payment steps once they got to a computer. 

And this was hoping they didn’t decide to go in another direction before that. What if they happened to meet with someone right after me that “conveniently” had a method to pay right on the spot? I would, of course, lose out on that business.

But now I have “Book In Person” with HoneyBook and it’s a thing of beauty.

“It’s like the HoneyBook version of the Staples “Easy” button”

I just need to have their proposal open on my computer when I meet with them. If they are ready to sign and put a deposit down, I just hit that “book in person” button and we’re all done. It’s like the HoneyBook version of the Staples “Easy” button.

Except this button is bluish and digital. And it doesn’t say “easy.” Okay, maybe it’s not the same, but you see where I’m going with this.

It just makes the sales closing process easy.

When I book in person now, I feel like I’m creating a convenient experience for my clients. It’s like when I’m ready to check out and a helpful associate scans my item, whips out a credit card reader, swipes my card and has me on my way in seconds.

So easy. So convenient.

Find out more about how easy it is to book in person here.

Meet the Author

Justin Kanoya

, who has a lifelong passion for music, began DJing in 1990. He DJs events throughout the U.S. ranging from yoga events, fitness gatherings, corporate meetings and of course weddings.

With hundreds of weddings and events worked over the past decade, Justin has traveled all over San Diego. He has also worked events in New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Vancouver and Las Vegas.

Justin began his DJ career when he was hired to work for TKO DJs in St. Louis, Mo. The company was DJing Justin’s high school homecoming, and managers on-site realized there was something special about a 15-year-old kid who preferred working a crowd into a frenzy.

TKO managers were impressed and asked Justin to interview for a DJ position. During his two years with TKO, Justin DJ’d school functions, weddings, country club events and private house parties all around St. Louis County. In college, Justin was the house DJ in the Student Union Building at Truman State University and hosted his own evening radio program on KNEU, “The Swinging Velveeta Lounge.”

Justin graduated from Truman State University (Kirksville, Mo.) with a with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism. Before becoming a full-time DJ, he worked as a marketing and public relations professional for the Upper Deck Company and the Port of San Diego.

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