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August 23rd, 2016 | by Asha Bhatia, HoneyBook

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Hey there! Are you one of our many members who has the HoneyBook contact form installed on your website? If you do, you already know some of the amazing benefits that come with having your leads funnel directly into your HoneyBook account. One of these benefits is the ability to automate a thank-you message with an attached brochure or questionnaire as soon as the inquiry is submitted through your website. This not only saves time in having to manually follow up, but it increases your chances of booking the lead by cutting down your response time to seconds.

We’ve now taken contact form automation one step further. Due to popular demand, we’ve added in the ability to customize an automated response based on event type. That’s right – you can now send out an automated wedding-specific brochure or questionnaire to a client who indicates that their event type is “wedding!”

To set up your preferences, visit the Automation tab in Settings. If you haven’t already created a brochure or questionnaire specific to an event type, we highly recommend doing so. You should also add in Event Type to your form under the Contact Form tab if it’s not yet there.

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We’ve seen our members greatly cut down their booking time through contact form automation. Now with further customization, you can make sure your inquiry response emails have that personal touch. And since your clients no longer have to log in to view brochures or questionnaires, they can easily respond to these files, making the booking process even faster.

As icing on the cake, members who have the contact form installed on their site will be able to manage their inquiries right from our mobile app once it’s launched!

Don’t yet have your contact form installed? Click here to customize questions, style and font. Once you’re ready, click on the “Embed Code” button to get the code you need to copy onto your website. If you run into any problems, you can always reach out to our concierge team ([email protected]) to help you!

As always, we love your feedback so please let us know how the contact form and this specialized automation is working for you.

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