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August 15th, 2016 | by Asha Bhatia, HoneyBook


Good morning, everyone! You might want to put down your coffee for this update. I’m bursting with excitement as I’m writing this post so I’m just going to say it – your clients no longer have to log in to respond to feed messages or access files! It’s called One-Click Client Access and we think it’s pretty darn cool.

So, what does this mean for you and your clients? Now when you send any feed messages or files to your clients, they’ll be able to access everything with one click from their email. No login window anymore; just straight to the file to choose which package they want or to sign the contract and pay. Want to send a brochure in response to a new inquiry but previously didn’t in order to avoid login confusion? Not a worry anymore! Your prospective and current clients will be able to seamlessly view and interact with their side of the HoneyBook platform without needing to set up login details.

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Even better, with the updates we’ve made to reduce HoneyBook branding and promote your own, it will be clear to your clients that these messages are coming from you, specifically. Your logo and company name will continue to be prominent throughout your clients’ booking experience. On top of that, your clients can easily share file links with family members, friends, and their other vendors to view as well.

Sounds pretty great, right? Here are some additional details for you to know about One-Click Client Access:

  • One-click access is only going to be available for clients. If you are sharing files or workspaces with any vendors, they will still need to create a login to view that information.
  • To make sure that levels of security remain high without login, these login links will only be active to clients for a couple days. Once a link expires though, your clients will have the ability to re-send these links to themselves in a secure way.
  • If your clients want to create a password for additional security, they can do this through their Account once they click on the file link.
  • If your client already has a password from previous correspondence with you, they can still log in using their password should they choose.

So now that you have all the details, we hope you’re as excited as we are about kicking client login to the curb. You can continue sending out those brochures and questionnaires knowing that the first impression you just created for that new client has officially set the bar.

Questions on one-click client access? Always feel free to reach out to our concierge team at [email protected]

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