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February 2nd, 2017 | by Shadiah Sigala

Every day we come into the office in awe of the work our members have been creating and proud to be the home you trust with your business. You inspire us to do all we can to develop the right features that build and grow your business, and to make sure your business and livelihood are secure and protected.

Starting this Monday, we are getting our expert team of product folks, designers, and engineers together for a good ol’ fashioned hackathon!

What’s a hackathon, you ask? It’s a time for our team to rock their comfy clothes (slippers included), fuel their focus with extra large cups of coffee, and launch awesome features around the clock – in a third of the time it could normally take.

This hackathon is focused on the top features our community has been requesting recently – ownership over your branding and your communications to your clients!

Here are some exciting things we’ll be working on next week:

  • Removing HoneyBook logos from client communications
  • Personalizing your brand throughout the platform
  • Adding an “email read” tag so you can track when a client views your messages
  • Customizing email signature options (think: logo!)
  • Adding notes to contacts
  • Giving you control over refunding clients
  • And last, but certainly not least, we will be working on allowing you to send HoneyBook emails from your Gmail account. Any messages you send through HoneyBook would come from your own gmail address (don’t worry – we’ll throw [email protected] an appropriate farewell party). This may take a little longer, but we will definitely kick it off!

Tune into our Facebook, Instagram, or SnapChat (@HoneyBookHQ) throughout next week for behind the scenes intro’s, updates and commentary from our team!

If you’re going to be at WPPI, stop by our booth for a LIVE STREAM of the team 🙂

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