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April 28th, 2017 | by HoneyBook

Introducing Workflows —a new, more efficient way to manage your business in HoneyBook. After weeks spent designing, building, and testing, we’re thrilled to finally show off our newest feature. Workflows automate some of your most common tasks (like sending emails, brochures, and questionnaires) to help make your busy days a little easier. Because we know that for business owners, every extra minute matters.

Now, let’s dive into the details. (Deep breath—this is gonna be a long one. But we promise, you’ll be a Workflow master in no time!)

Where do I find it?

  • Just go to your Tools tab to find the Workflow tool.

Wait—what happened to Automation?

  • For the majority of your automation toggles, check your preferences under ‘Settings’. 
  • In the menu, Workflows has replaced Automation, and now involves a more robust set of automated actions and triggers.
  • We’ve incorporated pieces of your previous Automations into Workflows to try to make the transition seamless. For example, if you had Automation set to send a welcome email and questionnaire whenever you received a new inquiry, you’ll now have a Workflow template with that as the first step all ready to go. You can even build off these starter templates to create a full “Lead Workflow” so you never miss a chance to lock down a new client.

Totally customizable:

  • When you create a new Workflow, you’ll see lots of options to choose from at every step. By customizing these different actions and triggers, you get the freedom to decide exactly how and when you want to interact with your client throughout a project.
  • Workflows may be automated, but they’re never out of your control. For each step, you can choose to have HoneyBook either perform the task (such as sending an email or file) automatically or to wait for your approval first. That way you could always cancel a reminder email if you just spoke to the client earlier in the day. (And don’t worry about remembering approval dates, either—we’ll create a Task for each one to remind you.)
  • Trust us, we know what it’s like—so many things to do, so little time. That’s why we let you create Workflow templates for a series of Tasks to help you stay on top of your to-do lists. Simply use the Workflow tool to add one Task after another. You can then set reminders that are triggered by either a date or another action—either way, these Workflows make it easy to keep things from falling through the cracks.

Attach workflows to your Contact Form for full automation:

  • You can create as many Workflows as you want and attach them to your Contact Form so incoming inquiries will automatically get assigned a Workflow based on project type.
  • For example, a birthday party inquiry could trigger a “birthday” Workflow while a wedding inquiry could trigger a “wedding” Workflow. Which means tailored responses for your clients and less work for you—talk about a win-win.
  • To assign these specific workflows to your Contact Form, you just need to add “project type” as an option on your contact form and then assign a different Workflow template to each type of project in the Workflow setup area. You can also choose a Default workflow if you want all of your contact form inquiries to be assigned the same Workflow.

A few more things:

  • If you’re not ready to commit, worry not! Instead of automatically applying a Workflow to every new lead, you can choose to manually add a Workflow to a project at any time. Just select the option to “apply a Workflow” on the right side of your workspace, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Say goodbye to the whooshing sound of deadlines rushing by—Workflow will keep you on schedule. When you visit the Tasks section of your project workspace, you can see all of the tasks and approvals due that day. We’ll also notify you of the day’s tasks and approvals in the Tools tab. (Fewer things to remember? Hallelujah!)
  • To get an overview of exactly where you’re at in a particular project, click “view all” to see your current step in the Workflow as well as everything that’s coming up next.

We hope you love this new feature as much as we do. (If not, please tell us! We’ll do our best to improve it. Just send over any questions or feedback to [email protected].)

Now go out and try our brand-spanking-new Workflows! We think they’ll add some much-needed flow to your crazy, hectic workdays.

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