#HoneyBookHackathon is Backathon!

April 3rd, 2017 | by Anthony Battistella

Looking for updates on our September 2017 Hackathon(mini)? Find them here.

Welcome to our second HoneyBook Hackathon—three days of around the clock feature building, 24-hours per day, across two continents. 

72 hours, 80 slices of pizza, 48 bagels, 72 Doughbie cookies, 32 danishes, 3 gallons of OJ, and 250 cups of coffee later…

Here’s what we’ve got!

But first, a peek into HoneyBook from Mark Dickinson


Thursday, 6:00 PM San Francisco / 4:00 AM Tel Aviv

Our mobile app updates were approved by Apple and can now be found under v1.5!

– Swipe on a project in the pipeline to quickly archive it OR message workspace participants.

Try long left swiping too!

– View a project’s tasks by tapping on the “…” in the top right corner and clicking on “View Project Tasks”

– Use your custom project types when creating new projects

– Sort your projects by recent activity (now the default sort)

– Send a text message to a project participant by tapping on a participant’s avatar and then the text icon.




Wednesday, 9:00 PM San Francisco / 7:00 AM Tel Aviv

Grand finale?

Clients can now truly sign and pay, anywhere, anytime. That includes right onsite when they’re with you!

Just go into the Proposal and hit “Book In Person”.

We’ll just send a verification code to your client to document that all signatures are associated with the right people! It is a legal requirement, but also helps us protect your business in case there’s ever a dispute.




Wednesday, 8:00 PM San Francisco / 6:00 AM Tel Aviv

It’s time for one more thing: time for you to start tracking your expenses in HoneyBook!

With the new Expense Tracking tool, you can create custom expenses, link them to projects, categorize them, and filter by date range.

Find Expenses under the new Bookkeeping tool, where we’ve incorporated payments, expenses and QuickBooks connection! What a day!




Wednesday, 6:00 PM San Francisco / 4:00 AM Tel Aviv

You can now create your very own custom project types! Don’t like Corporate? Delete It! Do a lot of Boudoir? Just add it! It’s all at your fingertips… Go get your biz-ness on!




Wednesday, 4:00 PM San Francisco / 2:00 AM Tel Aviv

Ok, friends! We checked our task list and realized we had an important task left! What is it?… Your new Task Management tool where you can create project-related tasks that anyone on your team can see, or private user-only tasks.

You can manage tasks right from the main hub under Tools, or you can add and check off tasks for a specific project under the Tasks tab within a workspace.

Your clients won’t see your task list, but it will be visible to any of your team members that are part of the project.

Never forget an important to-do again!




Wednesday, 12:15 PM San Francisco / 10:15 PM Tel Aviv

We do believe in paperless, but for members that want to download files as PDF or print out for a client, you can print out any file to look just like it does online… A complete version of what they see, including the pictures and everything!



Come hang with us in SF

We loved having a few of our members drop in during our hackathon, and you can, too!

Every friend that tries HoneyBook with your personal referral link in April is an entry to win a trip for two to visit us in San Francisco! See official rules for details.

Get your share link




Wednesday, 12:10 PM San Francisco / 10:10 PM Tel Aviv

We love our filters, so now you are able to filter your contacts by ‘leads’… any contact (client or vendor) that’s in a ‘lead’ state in your pipeline (regardless of the status of the workspace files).

Note: We do not show archived leads.



UPDATE # 12:

Wednesday, 9:50 AM San Francisco / 7:50 PM Tel Aviv

Who wants to write out “http://”? Not us… You can now enter company website addresses without “http://” and also without “www.”

But don’t worry, HoneyBook will still validate the URL! 




Wednesday, 6:30 AM San Fransisco / 4:30 PM Tel Aviv

On the mobile front, we now sort projects based on last activity in them. Client sent a message? Project will appear first. Client submit payment? Project appears first.

Makes it easier for members to stay on top of the game, never miss a thing!




Wednesday, 5:50 AM San Francisco / 3:50 PM Tel Aviv

We now sort templates alphabetically in the Templates page, inside files template menus, in the email composer, and activity email templates list! YES!




Tuesday, 5:20 PM San Francisco / 3:20 AM Tel Aviv

What will the clients see? Just preview the email! You can now see how the email you send out will look.

The ‘preview’ option is only available in the files email composer.



Member Love:

Tuesday, 3:00 PM in San Francisco

After hours of hacking, we were blown away by a kind gift from Erika Swift of Rosson House at Historic Heritage Square. Our hackathon became a physics-inspired snackathon with the delivery of the best cookies in San Francisco… DOUGHBIES!

Being the geeks that we are, our snack session quickly turned into a calculation of how many pull-ups it takes to burn off 2 of these delicious cookies… Ian, our brilliant Front End Engineer and reigning Karaoke Champion, put his math skills to the test and kept us entertained for a few short minutes between writing lines of code.

The entire saga as shared on Instagram Stories




Tuesday, 12:08 PM San Francisco / 10:08 PM Tel Aviv

You don’t just vend, you create! That’s why we’ve changed from ‘Vendor’ to ‘Creative’ when you choose your role. 

We also removed ‘Planner’ to keep things simple.




Tuesday, 12:00 PM San Francisco / 10:00 PM Tel Aviv

Day Two of the Hackathon was spent working on some big stuff that will roll out on Day Three, however here’s a little appetizer!

We’ve gotten so many amazing comments about iOS app notifications… ahem, “cha-ching”.  Now you can enable browser notifications and you’ll get notified of payments on desktop, too! (Even if you aren’t inside the app).




Member Love:

Tuesday, 9:00 AM in San Francisco

Fuel for the brains and the bellies of our amazing product team. We were fueled by the kindness and generous gift of breakfast from three of our amazing HoneyBookers.

Thank you thank you thank you to Charles Dare Alexandria Monette Cardenas & Anna Johnson — We are so grateful that we have the privilege of building this product for you. Keep crushing it!




Tuesday, 7:10 AM San Francisco / 5:10 PM Tel Aviv

Our fraud watch team already has your back around the clock… but we’ve added a couple of fun things to help you out!

  1. You’ll now see “HoneyBook, Inc.” in your browser address bar… so if you ever click on a link and don’t see it there, close the window!
  2. We’ve upgraded your contact form spam protection! Just re-publish it and you’ll be protected by the new Google spam protection suite.



Monday, 7:00 PM San Francisco / 5:00 AM Tel Aviv

Edited your agreement or proposal? No worries! 
We’ve just made it even easier for clients to accept changes & pay – we know client experience is crucial!

This was a highly requested feature and an update that we know our members are going to love. 




Monday, 6:00 PM San Francisco / 4:00 AM Tel Aviv

Poor Erez had some funky photo bombers but successfully announced that you are now able to clearly see everyone that project messages will go to, so there are NO surprises! Both in the workspace and in email reply. Huge shout out to Lisa, Erika, and Justina!


Member Love: 

Monday, 3:00 PM in San Francisco

Nom Nom Nom! This was an amazing surprise that left the entire team speechless. A pizza arrived to HoneyBook Headquarters from one of our members.

We want to extend a massive, heartfelt thank you to Chaplain Patrick Anthony and his wife Stacy of South Jersey Officiants for the delicious pizza!




Monday, 2:45 PM San Francisco / 12:45 AM Tel Aviv

Woohoo! This has been a highly anticipated update and the response has already been incredibly overwhelming. We love all of our artists, web designers, business consultants, calligraphers, and creatives across all industries so we’ve expanded our industry types!

How to define your own Industry: Go to the Company Info section of the website and select from our expanded list of industry types, or choose ‘Other’ and define it yourself.
When you choose “Other” you will be prompted to create your own industry type and the options are endless.


Monday, 12:00 PM San Francisco / 10:00 PM Tel Aviv

Hey Stellaaaaaaaaaa! Thanks for reminding us that phone calls might be a little…dated. Or maybe you just want to follow up with a quick text. You can now send text messages clients right from your phone on our mobile app!

Just tap on a project participant’s image and tap on the message icon.


Monday, 6:30 AM San Francisco / 4:30 PM Tel Aviv

It sounds simple, but for creatives that run their business on being in the right place at the right time… accurate date input on contact forms is CRUCIAL. We hear ya Matt & Emily!

Whether your clients enter their date as March 3, Mar 3, 3/3 or 3rd of March, HoneyBook will recognize the date and drop it right into your pipeline!


Come hang with the #honeybookhackathon team in SF!

Every friend that tries HoneyBook with your personal referral link in April is another chance to win a trip for two to hang with us in San Francisco! See official rules for details.

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You guys are AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for the sleepless nights and all the work you put into making Honeybook so amazing!

You guys totally rock!!!! I feel like this was an early Christmas Gift! Thank you guys for your hard work and everything you do!!

I truly appreciate the positive attitude and constant communication from everyone at HoneyBook – aside from your terrific product, I love this about you guys! This blog was perfect as I couldn’t keep up with all the crazy events during the hackathon! Keep up the GREAT work that you do!

So much of this is awesome! Thanks for listening to us and continuing to make this product great! What about an app for android?

Love having such a great CRM! Thanks so much for your hard work and constant​ innovation! We love you Honeybook! ❤️

So, I have been away for a month (and somewhat offline) and am just getting back into HB and learning how to use it. I just finished reading your Hackathon article and while a lot of the hacks were still very new to me (just starting out with the program), I loved the enthusiasm and effort that came across in the article for listening to your clients and figuring out ways to improve your product. There were a couple in there that I know are going to be a huge help for me once I get organized.

Thanks for making the effort and super excited that I am signed up with HB!

Great job guys! These are all fabulous updates!! I am so happy to be apart of this wonderful community! My clients absolutely love your software and so do I!!! It truly has changed my life! Thank you 🙂

Ah! I am SO excited about these updates! They all sound so amazing! Some things that I’ve wanted and some that I hadn’t even thought of but will make my work so much easier! Thank you HB team!

You guys are amazing for doing this. It looks like a TON of work but we truly appreciate every single update. Honeybook was worth every penny just because of stuff like this.

Man you guys are so cool! I love this tool! You guys rock! Keep up the great work! It’s the small things that count, and as a user, I really appreciate it!

You guys truly changed everything about my photography studio in Monterey! I love Honeybook!

GUYYYSSSS! All of these updates are amazing. I am especially thrilled about the tasks as well as the expense tracking. You all are amazing – thank you so much for all of your hard work!!

It’s taken me a few weeks (thanks to a really busy schedule) to catch up with all of the updates but friends, Y’ALL ARE INCREDIBLE!! I am continually being blessed by how far above and beyond y’all go for us as vendors. We get so many compliments on a seamless and easy workflow process but so much of that should be directed at y’all– y’all make it easy to impress clients! Thank you!!

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