Introducing HoneyBook’s First Foray into Mobile: INQUIRIES

September 19th, 2016 | by HoneyBook


Up to half your day is spent away from your office and the result of that is often unanswered emails, and importantly, unanswered inquiries. Creatives rush back to their desks to craft emails and attach files, while clients wait hours or days, often moving on to competitors.

“I hate the feeling when I’m away from my computer and have a stack of inquiries that I’m neglecting.
Too many brides I talk to complain that no one gets back to them . . . we are all swamped with emails, texts, social media and the actual work we do. But busy isn’t a good excuse. ”
-Cameron Ingalls, Cameron Ingalls Photography

We had to do something about it! Our product team has been hard at work this summer and we’re excited to introduce you to … (drumroll please)

INQUIRIES, HoneyBook’s NEW mobile companion app
Receive instant inquiry notifications and easily respond with your custom branded templates and files from anywhere. INQUIRIES ensures you deliver a better client experience, gain a competitive edge, and book more clients.

HoneyBook members can download INQUIRIES on the App Store for FREE and should have the HoneyBook Contact Form embedded on their website to receive instant notifications in the app.  
          >Don’t have a Contact Form yet? Follow these easy steps now.
          >Not a member? Sign up (1)NOTIFICATIONS Get instantly notified when a client inquires on your website’s Contact Form.

CALENDAR See your availability on the inquiry itself. No need to cross reference your calendar before you respond to a client.

EMAIL TEMPLATES Reply instantly with your saved custom templates.

FILES AND BROCHURES Attach any PDFs, JPEGs, or Brochures and get your clients the info they need to keep the process moving.

QUESTIONNAIRES Send your custom questionnaire templates to clients and get the answers you need to move them to the next stage.

I tended to feel stressed when I saw an email that I had received an inquiry, but couldn’t respond until I got home. Now I can respond right away, relieving that stress altogether! This promptness has led to new business!” -Emily Eppard, Emily Marie Photography

“It’s…given us an edge over competition because it allows us to respond and make an immediate contact with the client. It allows us to appear more professional to the client and ultimately, close more contracts.”  -Rachel Lee, Rooftop Event Spot

“Having a faster response time armed with brochures full of information definitely gives me an edge over those that respond after I’ve already sent my details. Since I respond so quickly, clients are still looking at their inbox when they get my message” -Stella Santiago, Boffo Video

“[It’s] peace of mind. Putting the communication ball back in my potential client’s court helps me to feel more present with whatever I’m doing whether it’s spending time with my family or editing a shoot.” -Cameron Ingalls, Cameron Ingalls Photography

Welcome to a whole new level of productivity.
Instantly respond to new inquiries and take the first step to quality bookings while at an event, a client meeting, or even while at the beach sipping a margarita. High five for efficiency!



*These features are just a few of the many features still to come to our mobile app. Our product team is working extra hard to make it happen, so stay tuned HoneyBook family!

*Want to hear more of what real mobile users are saying? Check them out, here!

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when will the app be available for android?

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