New Feature: Lead Tracking Is Here!

January 23rd, 2017 | by HoneyBook

We’re so excited to share our new lead tracking features: You can now indicate where your leads are coming from and view the results in your Reports section!

Manually add any lead source into your Create Event form by clicking on “More event details” and marking how the lead got to you. For any past events, you can go into your Event Details drawer at the top of the workspace and add the lead source in there as well. Note: We have defaulted any previous leads to “unknown,” so make sure to update these for accurate reporting.

We’ve also updated the contact form to allow for a new question that will ask “How did you hear about us?” The answers have been pre-populated and client responses will funnel into your Lead Source field so that incoming inquiries can automatically be reported as well. You can find this new question, titled “Lead Source” under “Add Suggested Fields” to the right of your contact form. This field has not automatically replaced any current lead tracking questions you might already have on your contact form. 

Finally, under your Reports/Analytics section, find a complete breakdown of where your leads are coming from based on the date the lead was created. Filter this report for monthly or annual totals and download a CSV file that will give you any relevant details on the event. We’ve also included booking values for each lead to help you understand which source is bringing in the highest value events.

At the moment, you can tag a lead with the following options:

  • Vendor referral
  • client referral
  • personal website
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Wedding Spot
  • The Knot
  • Wedding Wire
  • Yelp
  • Other
  • Unknown

If you’d like to add more info to any of these, such as the name of the vendor who referred a client, you can download the CSV file in the Reports section and easily add an additional column. We’ll continue to look at further customization of this tracking feature!

Questions? Comments? Always feel free to contact our Concierge team at [email protected].

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