How Matchology is Approaching the Top 5 Blog Submission Problems

March 7th, 2017 | by Ami Price—Aisle Society

As wedding bloggers, we know how important it is to get your work seen and published – and we love featuring beautiful weddings and styled shoots. But we also know that the submission process can be frustrating and time consuming—and who has extra time these days?

Today we’re going to chat about how Matchology is approaching the top 5 common problems with submitting to blogs.

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1. Submitting just takes too much time.

You know the drill – you have a GORGEOUS wedding, engagement session, or styled shoot to submit, but you just dread it, because who’s got the time? Last year, the ladies of Aisle Society set out to create a submission tool that would make life easier for wedding pros and editors. We spoke to hundreds of wedding pros just like you to learn their frustrations with submissions, and over and over we heard:

  • How frustrating it is that each blog has different submissions requirements
  • How much time it takes to complete submissions forms (each submission takes you an average of 30 minutes to prep!)
  • How annoying it is that you have to re-upload images at all different sizes
  • That you’d like one dashboard to see an overview of all your submissions, and especially would love real-time status updates and visibility into the couple’s part of the process.

As editors, we have our own pain points too:

  • Missing submission credits
  • Couples not responding to questionnaires
  • A decentralized, email-based system to house our submissions
  • Not easily being able to see the status of all our submissions in one place

We set out to change the way that submissions are processed, streamline our workflow, and make it quicker and easier for you to get published. The result? Matchology.

Matchology is a fast, effective new way of submitting your work to more than 30 of the world’s top wedding blogs. Designed for wedding pros, it fits seamlessly into your existing workflow and uses custom matching technology to pair your event with publications that are the perfect fit. Raise your hand if that sounds awesome!

2. Which blog is the right choice for this wedding?

There are so many amazing wedding blogs in the world! (We’ve got more than 30 of them over on Aisle Society!) But so many awesome blogs means that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with every blog’s aesthetic and style, let alone their reach and social presence! Determining which blog is the best fit for your event can be time-consuming, and requires lots of research. Does this blog feature engagement sessions? How about rustic weddings? Will they feature a wedding from Australia? So, let’s face it, you end up sending things to the same blogs you’re used to, or not submitting that fabulous wedding at all. Think of Matchology as a dating app for wedding submissions. You’ll complete a quick form using our intuitive system, providing a few key details about your event, such as location, style, and setting. Our fancy algorithm will work its magic and match you with the publications that are the best fit. You’ll choose which blog(s) to submit to, and from there, you’ll be guided in the publication process if they accept, and kept informed all the way. No more submitting blindly!

3. Every blog has different requirements –it’s so confusing!

Some blogs want client information, and some don’t. Some blogs want social media information, and some don’t. You just wish it were all more standardized! We know that the submissions process can be time consuming and complicated. That’s where Matchology comes in. There’s one submission form, a single questionnaire, and universal submission requirements across all blogs, plus you can use your existing image galleries, including Dropbox, Pass, SmugMug or Pixieset. For a real wedding, you can complete as little or as much of the wedding pro credits as you like before passing it along to the couple, where they will pick up where you left off. And even better? The credits auto-complete from our 20,000 (and growing!) existing wedding pros’ information on Aisle Society.

4. I never know the status of my submission.

The challenge of you submitting via email and bloggers sending questionnaires to couples via email is that there isn’t one easy place to see the status of a submission at any given time, for you or for us. There is also no easy way to communicate the couple’s questionnaire information to you. Matchology is going to change that. Each of us will have a dashboard showing real-time statuses of submissions. When a submission status changes (for example, when we receive a couple’s questionnaire or set a post date), we’ll both receive an email. It’s that easy.

5. I’m ready to re-submit this wedding, but now I have to start ALL. OVER.

That awesome wedding that was published last fall is now past its exclusivity period. But you just can’t stomach the thought of starting the submission process all over again. Never fear. Matchology has a ONE-CLICK resubmission process! Whether it’s because your first choice’s editorial calendar is full, or you’re ready to share with a non-exclusive blog to get even more exposure, this little feature is sure to save you TONS of time.

This all sounds awesome. How can I help make Matchology a reality?

Aisle Society is owned and funded by its members. Our collective was created by a group of strong women from around the world who saw a need to effect change and promote excellence in our industry, but like you we’re all small business owners. Funding Matchology ourselves would take far longer than the market demands. We know you want it yesterday, and crowdfunding is quite simply the most efficient way to get this time-saving tool into your hands, faster. Our developers are primed and ready to go, and with your help, we’ll be able to launch before June wedding bells start ringing! So, if you believe in what we’re doing and think that Matchology might be (ahem) the perfect match for your workflow, we would be so grateful for your support!

VISIT OUR KICKSTARTER NOW to get a one-year subscription to Matchology for only $59. For HoneyBook users who support our Kickstarter, Aisle Society bloggers will be doing a LIVE webinar to chat submissions with you! This is your chance to ask your favorite blogger all of those burning questions about submitting. We created Matchology to help YOU and to help US, so our goal is to make it super affordable and EASY to submit, so we can all get back to doing what matters: connecting with couples! We hope you’ll join us!

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