HoneyBooker, RTS Leader, & Photographer, Wendy Zook, is coming to San Francisco!

March 28th, 2017 | by HoneyBook

We are counting down the days until Wendy Zook, our HoneyGetaway winner, comes to San Francisco THIS weekend! We have fallen in love with Wendy as we have gotten to know her and we know you will love her, too.

When asked what she is looking forward to most, Wendy left us swooning with this loving quote,

“This San Francisco adventure is so exciting for me and my husband. The two of us haven’t had an overnight away, just the two of us, in about four years! We’ve gone through moves, new jobs, and the ups and downs of parenting and are long overdue for some focus on just the two of us. I am SO excited to go for long walks while holding my hubby’s hand, first and foremost, but also can’t wait to see the HQ and masterminds behind HoneyBook and to (gasp – seriously, I’m so lucky!) get to meet and hang out with Natalie and Huey! This trip comes at such an incredible time – I know it’s going to refresh and invigorate me right before the start of busy season.”

Though we know Wendy is excited, we don’t think she knows just how abuzz our team is to meet her! HoneyBookers inspire us to go-the-extra-mile day in and day out with your enthusiasm for life, your passion for your businesses, and your drive!  

Wendy is the owner of Wendy Zook Photography and started her business in 2012 when a friend’s photographer bailed two weeks before their wedding (I’m sure many of you can relate to her story)! She fell in love with photography and has continued to hone her talent from that day on. 

“I realized that telling peoples’ stories through images was something that brought me unimagined joy – and a possible income!”

We want you all to get to know Wendy, too!

  • Wendy is a Jersey Girl 
  • She met her husband Scott on a blind date.
  • Her son, Zack, is 6. He has the best belly laugh and gives the best hugs. He was born with Down Syndrome and has led Wendy and the entire family on an incredibly fulfilling and beautiful journey of advocacy and understanding.
  • Addie, 4, is the sparkle of Wendy’s family. She has a HUGE personality and is filled with empathy, sensitivity, color, and creativity.

Q & A with Wendy (because she’s just so inspiring!)

What advice would you give yourself when you were starting out?

When I first began this photography business adventure, I was so in doubt of my own potential that I set very few “big” goals, for fear of falling short. Now, I feel so blessed that so many things I never even dreamed for myself are coming true. So, in short…

Dear Past Wendy,

That’s a nice little dream you have there. Dream bigger. And then go crazy and dream a bit bolder.  


Future Wendy

Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

Risking sounding extremely cheesy here, but, in 10 years, I want to be a better version of myself – not just successful with my business or in terms of finances or followers. I want to touch lives and improve the outlook of someone feeling defeated. I want to be the person I needed so desperately when I was starting out and in the many lonely days that come along in this entrepreneurship journey.

What is one goal you would like to achieve in this lifetime?

Just one goal to achieve in an entire lifetime? Oh, my gosh! That’s so impossible. I think being able to have a moment to close the story of my life, holding the book in my hands and leafing through the chapters with no regrets would be amazing. The chapters will of course hold some sadness or disappointment here and there, some hardships and times I’d almost like to forget. But, to be able to say that I was the reason why every chapter got better and to know that I did my best – that would be so beautiful.

Together, HoneyBook and The Rising Tide Society provide a business management platform and community for creative business owners, what role do they play in your life?

I loved how easy it was to get my account set up and personalized to me and my business – from my logos and questionnaires to contracts and other random info – but also how the easy-to-adapt automated process allows me more time with my family and other passions in my life and less time at the parts of my business that are not my biggest strengths or joys.

I’m incredibly grateful to be a TuesdaysTogether leader here in Rochester, NY. I love meeting new area vendors, visiting new venues, and cheering on successes of those in our region on a daily basis – all of which is thanks to the networking that has brought so many of us together. I’ve met some of my closest photographer friends through RTS; I’ve learned of educational events and essential business tools because of webinars, Facebook posts and referrals; and I’ve grown into a better leader and stronger businesswoman than I ever could have been without The Rising Tide Society. I now feel like I am a part of a community; I never feel alone. It’s all about that beautiful #communityovercompetition!


Get to know Wendy even better by following along as she takes over our social channels this weekend​, and keep your eye out for future contests that could bring you out to San Francisco for a weekend getaway!


Photo credits:

Wendy laughing – Jessi Metzger, Lovebug Photography 

Wendy’s kids kissing – Wendy Zook Photography

Wendy & couple – Kristin Schrage, My Little Sunshine Photography

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