#WhatTheHack? Hackathon Play-by-Play

February 6th, 2017 | by HoneyBook


Looking for updates on our September 2017 Hackathon(mini)? Find them here.

The Hackathon is ON! We’ll be live blogging here as we roll out new features. As a reminder, here are some exciting things we’ll be focusing our energy on this week:

  • Removing HoneyBook logos from client communications
  • Personalizing your brand throughout the platform
  • Adding an “EMAIL SEEN” tag so you can track when a client views your messages
  • Customizing email signature options (think: logo!)
  • Adding notes to contacts
  • Giving you control over refunding clients
  • And last, but certainly not least, we will be working on allowing you to send HoneyBook emails from your Gmail account. Any messages you send through HoneyBook would come from your own gmail address (don’t worry—we’ll throw [email protected] an appropriate farewell party). This may take a little longer, but we will definitely kick it off!

UPDATE #22: Thursday, 6:41 AM San Francisco / 4:41 PM Tel Aviv

Guy was on the #DreamTeam for this feature…

Erez is also part of that #DreamTeam!

Here’s another biggie that helps you have more control over your branding! Members can now add their own icon to their signature. YES! This will show whereever they add their signature: In the activity message, file message, and mobile app.


UPDATE #21: Thursday, 6:36 AM San Francisco / 4:36 PM Tel Aviv

Oran bringing us even MORE good stuff.

Ditto, Dror! These guys are REAL DEAL developers.

We added new project type—drumroll, please!—introducing, “Design”!














UPDATE #20: Thursday, 6:35 AM San Francisco / 4:35 PM Tel Aviv

There goes John, making life easier for folks!

Internet browsing can get confusing sometimes, especially when you’re dealing with a zillion tabs, multitasking like a #badassbizboss. To help cut through that confusion, we changed the page names, so when you need to browse back it will be clear where you’re browsing back to….
















UPDATE #20: Wednesday, 6:00 PM San Francisco / 4:00 AM Tel Aviv

Iggy’s focus? Mobile!

Design tweaks were made to the proposal view for mobile to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. 


UPDATE #19: Wednesday, 5:10 PM San Francisco / 3:10 AM Tel Aviv

Time for the SF team to take a break and open a gift from the Tel Aviv team!

What was inside? CUPCAKES!


UPDATE #18: Wednesday, 4:50 PM San Francisco / 2:50 AM Tel Aviv

Dror is on FIRE.

Members can now add “client first name” to activity messages!


UPDATE #17: Wednesday, 2:56 PM San Francisco / 12:56 AM Tel Aviv

No more missed email addresses? Hell YES. Thanks, Einav!

In your Contact Form, we now indicate if an email structure is wrong or the email domain doesn’t exist, which means you’ll never miss a lead due to a typo!

NOTE: Members will have to re-publish their Contact Form in order to get this feature!


UPDATE #16: Wednesday, 2:27 PM San Francisco / 12:27 AM Tel Aviv

Oran takes credit for this feature!

Members can now add link in their email composer—as well as in their templates! YES. 

UPDATE #15: Wednesday, 11:56 AM San Francisco / 1:56 AM Tel Aviv

Dvir for the WIN.


We just updated our tipping screen so your clients can TIP AS MUCH AS THEY WANT!

We also improved the interface so your clients will be presented with % of the billed amount instead of the previous fixed $ options.

Go forth and make more money!


UPDATE #14: Wednesday, 7:35 AM San Francisco / 5:35 PM Tel Aviv

Dror’s latest update!

Members can now add their signature to the activity messages! 


UPDATE #13: Wednesday, 7:15 AM San Francisco / 5:15 PM Tel Aviv

Coming to you courtesy of: Dikla…


…and Sara!

Members can now add private notes under their “Connections” page! 


UPDATE #12: Wednesday, 6:50 AM San Francisco / 4:50 PM Tel Aviv

Dvir’s got an announcement!

You’ve now got control over naming of the A la carte section of the brochure (and in brochure templates)! 


UPDATE #11: Tuesday, 2:30 AM San Francisco / 12:40 PM Tel Aviv

#DreamTeam member: Abe

#DreamTeam member: Oran

#DreamTeam member: Sara

Company branding is HERE!!!

We’ve REMOVED HoneyBook branding from emails sent from vendor to client. 

And members can now choose their company brand color, which will appear in all their client-facing emails and inside-system-buttons. (Note: Lauren’s brand color isn’t actually pink, but we’re tickled pink with this feature so wanted to show it off!)



UPDATE #10: Tuesday, 5:53 PM San Francisco / 3:53 AM Tel Aviv

Alon and Oran brought this update to life!

We added a Subject line to activity messages! Oh YES. 










UPDATE #9: Tuesday, 3:05 PM San Francisco / 1:05 AM Tel Aviv

#WhatTheHack?! We were livestreaming today from our SF Hackathon Headquarters—so we got to “go” to WPPI!

Here’s a snippet of how things went in Tel Aviv today! 

UPDATE #8: Tuesday, 1:45 PM San Francisco / 11:35 PM Tel Aviv

Hey HoneyBookers, Dror here…

This is a big one! Clear client communication is critical for your business… so shouldn’t you know when your messages and files have been read? Yea, we thought so too!

Introducing: “SEEN” indicators in your activity stream to tell you if recipients have opened your email or logged in and viewed your message in the stream. Enjoy!

UPDATE #7: Tuesday, 12:18 PM San Francisco / 10:18 PM Tel Aviv

Jonah takes credit for this one! (With help from Todd 🙂

Members can now add additional workspace participants from the email screen! 

TAKE NOTE: If you add someone here, they will ALSO be added to the workspace and the entire project.


UPDATE #6: Tuesday, 7:45 AM San Francisco / 5:45 PM Tel Aviv

Eddie from HoneyBook shares our latest-greatest new feature from

Hey HoneyBookers!

We’ve been amazed at the warm reception we’ve gotten from creative entrepreneurs across all types of businesses. That said, we know that categorizing everything as an “event” is no longer a fit for our diverse community. So…we scrubbed the site and mobile app to find every instance of “EVENT” and switched it to “PROJECT”!



We hope this will be more inclusive for all our HoneyBook members, and create more flexibility for event professionals, too.

We have our rockstar developers Alon and Elad in Tel Aviv to thank for launching this awesome feature! #gotheextramile

UPDATE #5: Monday, 5:03 PM San Francisco / 3:03 AM Tel Aviv

Product Development “Commando” Yotam is excited about this one!

Hey folks. This is our “Elon Musk” moment!

Earlier today, Chaplain Patrick Anthony asked for the ability to send a brochure with only an a la carte section, sans packages. And we thought, hmmm, that could be nice. We know quite a few of you don’t have packages per se and would benefit from this feature! So here it is: We call it the “Packageless Brochure,” and we love it. What do you think? 














UPDATE #4: Monday, 3:15 PM San Francisco / 1:15 AM Tel Aviv

Our Tel Aviv office is still going strong, even in the wee hours! Here’s a recap of the #HoneybookHackathon from their point of view! 

UPDATE #3: Monday, 1:48 PM San Francisco / 11:48 PM Tel Aviv

Hey all, Dvir here!

Have you been curious and/or frustrated by client payment links expiring? We wanted to share the background of why it happens as well as an update we think you and your clients will LOVE. First off, client links do have to expire to ensure that we limit accessibility to your workspace and your client’s payment information #SECURE #PROTECT!

However, we have heard your feedback that our standard 10 days is too short, and we never want to leave your clients hanging—so we are giving more breathing room and extending the expiration limit to 20 days 🙂 )

We will continue to monitor verify we’re giving you optimal safety. HoneyBook has your back!

UPDATE #2: Monday, 11:57 AM San Francisco / 9:57 PM Tel Aviv

The Hula-Hoop Break, an essential part of cranking out awesome new code. 

Tel Aviv kicked this off and got our SF troops motivated to dig out the hula hoops! #oneoffice

UPDATE #1: Monday, 10:20 AM San Francisco / 8:20 PM Tel Aviv

Einav from the HoneyBook Product team in Tel Aviv is chiming in to kick off the HoneyBook Hackathon!

We’ve just released the ability to edit your client’s details right from the event. Misspelled email? Worry not! Just click the pencil next to your client’s details and voila!








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