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September 8th, 2016 | by Morgan Anderson


I signed up for my free trial of HoneyBook back in February, and by the end of day one, I was ready to commit! For the past 2 years I knew I needed some sort of management system for my business, and I needed it bad. The truth was, I was just “too busy” to get started. I thought setup would take time and so would the learning curve. Then I went to the TuesdaysTogether Leaders Retreat, met the faces behind HoneyBook, heard attendees raving about the company… and knew it was time to sign up!

As soon as I signed up, I was greeted by Alex Cho (my girl who answers all of my crazy questions) and that was all it took! I spent the next day or so just browsing through all that HoneyBook had to offer.

For those of you who don’t know, here is HoneyBook in a nutshell:
Everything is in one place. I login, and right on the main screen I see my Pipeline of upcoming events and what stage each event is currently in. I can create proposals, communicate with my clients online, create and edit timelines, send agreements, and receive payments for my services. Not to mention their customer service is AMAZING, and I love reading their blog! They are just a great company to partner with and I’m so glad I “found” them 🙂

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Why I Love HoneyBook!

Contact Form – Integrating HoneyBook into my workflow has been so easy! They have an option that allows me to build a contact form, embed it on my website, and then HoneyBook sends an automated note to my client. I am notified immediately (instead of having to check my WordPress inbox), and I can quickly send my Inquiry email and Pricing Guide all right in HoneyBook!

Questionnaires – This may be my favorite thing about using HoneyBook. I used to send my clients a PDF that they would have to print out, fill out, scan, and email or mail back to me. Crazy right?! Now they can answer all of my questions right in HoneyBook and make edits, if necessary. This makes my life so much easier! 

Templates – I <3 canned responses, email templates, anything I can plan ahead… really. I love that I can have a million canned responses ready to go through HoneyBook so I can get back to my clients faster and spend more time away from my desk.

Brochures, Packages, and Proposals – Going right along with templates, I love that I can create a brochure for my clients to review before booking and a proposal that is customized and easy to sign to get the ball rolling! I create the brochure once and can choose to send it to every potential client with the click of a button! 

Organized & Professional – Although I do my best to be professional during email communication with my clients, it’s not as pretty as communicating on HoneyBook. It’s so organized, and both my clients and I can access agreements, see the payment schedule, comment on timelines, and chat in one workspace.

Booking Alerts – If you are entering a new inquiry but have already received a separate request for that date, the software will automatically tell you. This has been great for me because I’m always in a hurry to get potential clients’ booking information, I usually check my calendar for firm bookings, but might miss potential bookings. With these alerts, I can let the new inquiry know I am already working with someone on this date who hasn’t booked yet, or I can reach out to the couple who originally inquired for the date. 

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Payments & Invoices – Like I mentioned above, clients can pay right online through HoneyBook. I can easily customize a payment plan for them if needed, and they can see how much they have paid and the amounts remaining. Before, everything was on paper and took me time to get back to them. Now, they don’t even have to email me! Another thing I love is that HoneyBook will send out the reminders for me. I have never wanted to be the one to ask for payments!

Follow Up Reminders – This has been amazing for me! I keep hearing that you need to make 3 points of contact before someone might book. There’s the initial inquiry, my email back with pricing information, and then I always need to follow up, especially if I don’t hear back from them right away. I love that I get an email from HoneyBook if I’ve sent pricing information and the potential client hasn’t responded yet. I can quickly and easily let them know I’m still available to answer any questions they have. I often forgot this step before, so this has been huge!

Payment Reminders – I hate feeling like a tax collector and reminding my clients that their final payment is due. Now, HoneyBook does it for me! When a client books, I can choose when their final payment is due and HoneyBook will send them a reminder, asking for payment. It’s no longer something I have to worry about keeping track of and I love that! 

Timelines – I LOVE the fact that I can create a timeline for my brides right in HoneyBook! When I send the first draft, they can comment right on the timeline and let me know if it’s good to go or needs tweaking. This has been so much easier than sending a word doc or PDF to my clients with multiple emails back and forth talking about what needs to be changed. Once I get approval for the final timeline, I send a copy to the vendor workspace for the event, which brings me to my next point…

Vendor Workspace – I think this benefit has been the most fun for me this year! When I get the wedding questionnaire back from a bride, I quickly start gathering any information about the vendors that she didn’t list. I’ll capture their website (to credit in the blog post), email (to send the final gallery to), Facebook, and Instagram handles. With HoneyBook, each of my Events has a workspace for the bride and me to communicate, and a separate workspace for the wedding vendors to “mingle” that the bride does not see. It has been a blast! Of course, not all vendors have jumped in the conversation, but usually many do. I share the final timeline with them, the wedding hashtag, that I will be tagging them in sneak peeks, and my information for tagging. By the time the wedding day comes, it’s like we’re already friends! It has made my experience working with wedding vendors so much more fun!

I could go on, and on, but the bottom line is HoneyBook will definitely change your workflow, and might just change your life! HoneyBook is all about improving client experience and making the entrepreneur’s life easier, and they are doing just that!

Want to learn more? Check out this post to learn more about HoneyBook software. If you’re using HoneyBook, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how it has worked with your business.

Thank you to the HoneyBook team for ALL you do!!! You have saved my business!

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