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Collective (noun)

/kəˈlektɪvz/: A free and revolutionary networking tool that brings your offline relationships online, delivering qualified leads and ideal clients through trusted relationships rather than costly advertising.

Connect with trusted friendors, share referrals, and connect with ideal clients.

Collaborate using a real-time feed to create and comment on timelines, share inspiration, organize floorplans and more.

Elevate your business, refine your clientele and improve their experience with your brand.

Referrals Make the World Go ‘Round

We all know the best business comes from referrals but did you know that...

  1. 65% of all new business is the result of a referral -NYTimes

  2. People are 77% more likely to book when they hear about it from a friend -Nielsen Survey

  3. 92% of people trust referrals from someone they know -Neilsen Survey

Get Discovered by Your Ideal Client

Collectives are the only free platform to connect you with the clients you want to work with. Better for you. Better for your clients.

You have questions? We have answers.

What is a Collective?

A revolutionary network product, that brings your offline relationships online to automatically drive relevant new leads, from trusted friendors.

Who should be in a Collective?

A Collective should consist of a curated group of like minded creatives who believe in growing their business through relationship building and referrals. A Collective can be a mix of creatives from different industries or a group of the same type of vendor who pass leads onto one another. Some Collectives may have one of every vendor type while other will have multiples for each category.

Where do leads come from?

Collective leads can come from several different sources, if your Collective has a website, you can install a widget to capture leads and notify members of a new inquiry and the vendor types that the client has indicated they need. All members of the Collective can also manually input any leads that they may have for members into the Collective feed. Each Collective will also have a public profile page that can be shared by members through a customized URL and social media platforms.

Can I control who can see my leads?

When a lead is entered into your Collective it will send a notification to any vendor types that the client is looking for. At this moment you can elect to block a specific member from seeing a lead.

Can I be a part of more than one collective?

You sure can and we like your ambition.

Can I have Collective members respond to me instead of my lead?

Yes, when you add a lead into your Collective you will have the option for the members to respond directly to the client or you can receive all responses for the client. Just think, the next time you’re looking to verify interest and availability for an event you can simply enter the information into your feed and have them come to you.

Can I work with vendors outside of my Collective?

Of course your can! Collectives are a tool to help you and your trusted collaborators build your respective businesses, but you’re in no way limited to working with other members.

How do I join a Collective?

Each Collective is curated with different guidelines, the best way to join a Collective is to reach out to the leader or members of a Collective in your community. If you are having a hard time finding a Collective and would like to start a Collective of your own get ahold of {here} and we gladly help you out.

Do I have to share every lead?

The choice is yours. You can decide what leads you would like to share with your Collective, the control is in your hands.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost involved in being a Collective member on the HoneyBook platform. You can access all tools provided to your network group and do not need to be a HoneyBook member in order to be apart of a Collective.

Will all my clients be circulated into the Collective?

You can turn lead circulation on and off, but remember, the more open you are with your new clients, the better it is for the Collective as a whole.

So You Want to Start a Collective?

Congratulations! You’re very smart. Here’s How:

  1. 1. Select a few friendors you love to work with across different verticals. The more friendors you include, the more exposure you’ll have to potential clients.

  2. 2. Complete your collective profile.

  3. 3. Start circulating leads and working with your favorite people.

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We Put the “Work” in Network

  • Shared calendar to view availability by vendor
  • Continued education from the creatives you admire most
  • A support system that understands you and your market
  • An on-the-ground marketing team of your creative peers
  • Collective opportunities from the HoneyBook community