Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Company Logo

Questions to ask when choosing a company logo | via the Rising Tide Society

by @seen_heard_known

What do the colors say?

Color is one of the first things the brain will process without much thought. When designing your logo its important to think about what message the color is sending. Below is a breakdown of what colors are associated with In North America. If you plan on your company going International, I suggest researching color meanings in other countries as well.

Blue– trust and security, ideal for banks and corporate companies

Red– energy and urgency, ideal for sales and impulse purchases

Yellow– optimistic and youthful, ideal to grab attention and young audiences

Green– wealth and relaxation *this is the easiest color to process, ideal for upscale retail and spas

Orange– aggressive and energy, ideal for call to action and fitness

Pink– romantic and feminine, ideal for female audience and beauty products

Black– powerful and sleek, ideal for luxury products

Purple– soothing and calm, ideal for beauty and anti-aging products

Where is it going to be used?

Choosing a Company Logo | via the Rising Tide Society

Where the logo will be used may dictate the amount of colors and size of the logo. If you plan on having your logo embroidered or printed the more colors used and the larger the logo the more it will cost to have the logo printed. If you are set on a logo with many colors or a large logo you may consider having a simpler version to use on certain items as needed.

What industry are you in?

Your industry is a big part of your message; if you’re a financial institution your message should be more serious and trustworthy. If you are selling baby clothing you have more room to have fun and be playful. If you’re not sure which direction to go, think of your primary audience and how you interact with them. If it’s a casual interaction, have fun! If the majority of your customers have a professional relationship with you, keep your logo business professional.

Will it survive through the times?

Once you choose a logo ideally you should keep it. Once you have established a brand it’s challenging to revamp it unless you have the resources for a full re-branding campaign. Even then, it should only be done when there is a reason such as a big anniversary or new company focus. Ask yourself is your logo too trendy, for example pineapples are in right now so they probably won’t be cool in a couple of years and you’ll be ready to jump to the next thing. A logo that focuses on your company and not what’s popular is more likely to last throughout the years.

Do you like it?

At the end of the day it is your logo. After asking yourself these questions ask yourself if you truly like the logo because that’s most important. Logos are one of the most subjective things of a company- there is always going to be people who love a design and people who hate it. Its great to get feedback from others but ultimately its your decision.

Jessica Rule

Jessica Rule is the founder and CEO of SHK The Advertising Firm, a Midland based advertising firm dedicated to providing eye-catching items to market companies. At the age of 26 she is successfully transforming the advertising industry in her town by providing creative, out of the box campaigns for her clients. Her husband Orlando Rule is also an entrepreneur- the two enjoy chatting about all things business and branding. Jessica is also highly involved in her community she sits on several boards and speaks at local events.