Gift Guide 2018 – Art, Paintings, and Pottery Category

Art, Paintings, and Pottery Category

Shop the Rising Tide annual holiday gift guide for original artwork, fiber art, pottery and ceramics, tools of the trade, and more!

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Abstract Circularity

“You can easily recognize my artworks because of the vibrant colors and small details. Each painting is a story which is part of a journey guided by intuition and imagination.”

Allie Dattilio, LLC

“Full-time artist and new mom. A Maryland painter of gray skies and Gold Leaf Landscapes.”

Amanda Stores Art

“I live near the outskirts of Atlanta and have brought to life the art of wood burning by adding paint. I might be a mama by day, but an artist by night (and nap time, ha!).”

Art by Linda N. Dion

“Through watercolors, I capture scenes in the form of paintings that I hope will spark memories of the peace you felt in the middle of a forest, the awe of gazing at distant mountains, or the laughter and warmth of a childhood home.”

Cami Monet

“I’m the daughter of a watercolor artist who named me quite appropriately (Monet really is my middle name) and taught me everything I know. I’m all about staying true to the value of family legacy, and I like to help others find theirs with a little dash of whimsy along the way.”

CharmCat Creative LLC

“I’ve been an artist and a designer my entire life, but found that a life of corporate design wasn’t for me, and so CharmCat came to be! Now I create watercolor art from home with my two cats.”

Designs AS You Wish

“Designs AS You Wish creates a collection of punny greeting cards, prints and stationery, custom-painted artwork, wedding invitations and day-of decor in watercolor.”

First Dance

“I am a fine artist from Salem, MA. I created the company “First Dance” where I make paintings that help recreate memories of special events, particularly unique moments in wedding ceremonies and/or receptions.”

Heather Kirtland

“I create a work of art from your memories. Favorite images of loved ones and furry family members become painting to cherish forever.”

Katy Becker

“I am a watercolor artist from Richmond, Virginia specializing in landscape and architectural illustration. When I am not illustrating for others, I exhibit watercolors through galleries and alternative art venues.”

KF Original Art

“Katherine is an abstract artist from Lafayette, Louisiana. Passionate about all things design, Katherine is most inspired by textures, prints and the contrast between colors.”

Laura Fedorowicz

“Creating the world she wishes to live in, Laura Fedorowicz creates bright, uplifting and unique pieces of abstract art which remind you to slow down, refocus and remain positive.” 

Leah Nadeau Fine Art

“I’m Leah and I create bold fine art that brings your home to life. Paintings are made by hand from the highest quality acrylic paint and are created intuitively, in the moment.” 

Mandy Fitzgerald Artwork, LLC

“Based in Richmond, Virginia, Mandy Fitzgerald is an abstract & figurative painter. Her work is largely inspired by her experience with mental illness and serves as a way to relieve her anxious mind.”

Mary Redmann Art

“Mary Redmann is an abstract artist specializing primarily in resin art and is based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Taking inspiration from the ocean, rock formations, and florals, Mary’s work has a multi-layered look that captures the ethereal vibe of nature.”

MaryAnna Coleman Design

“MaryAnna is a New Jersey-based artist working primarily in watercolors. Her whimsical style reflects her strong affinity for color and pattern, and customers are often drawn to the level of detail in her paintings.”

Melissa Mary Jenkins Art

“Melissa’s latest series entitled “Emergence” speaks of something to come, a beautiful space to be filled. These female faces draw the viewer in with the anticipation of emergence and growth.”

Michelle Owenby Design

“Each of my works are faithfully purposed for peace + happiness, painted by imperfect hands + offered with loving intentions.”

Modern South Studio

“A Charleston, SC-based contemporary, coastal, abstract artist. Cory uses shape and color to create vivid expressions of form and movement through both graphic illustration and painting.”

Morgan Swank Studio

“Morgan Swank is an illustrator living in Richmond, VA. She is passionate about vibrant colors, travel, and her corgi named Ginger.”

Mortar Press

“I paint with the finest acrylics for grand statements to spur others toward their own beautiful style. We were all made on purpose, so it’s my goal to help women feel like they know that they have a unique beauty factor, especially when life throws Crossfit-sized weights in the face or has them comparing their originality to others’.”


“One-of-a-kind paper quilled monograms and inspiration from Ashley Chiang are the gifts she guarantees no one else will be bringing to the gift exchange. Every strip of paper is completely cut, curled and coiled by hand into an intricate display that people won’t believe is made of paper.”

Parrish Hoag Art

“Parrish Hoag is a fine artist in Atlanta, GA, who creates fine art paintings inspired by nature, traveling, & the peace from being outside. Parrish’s goal is for viewers to feel freedom and refreshment through her work.”

Sheila Chen Art

“Sheila is a military spouse, pet portrait artist, and children’s book illustrator! She currently resides in Hawaii painting pets as her day job and working on children’s books as her dream job.”

Stephanie Jeanne Art & Design

“My name is Stephanie Jeanne, and I specialize in original animal artwork and custom portraiture. I turn photos of your beloved pets into one of a kind paintings or ornaments for the holiday season.”

Taylor Adams Art

“Taylor Adams is an abstract artist working with thread and ink to explore her love of nature. From rocky coastlines to swaying fields, she is inspired by studying texture and movement found in some of the most beautiful forms.”

Taylor Lee, LLC.

“Taylor Lee is a bright and color-obsessed artist with a passion for communicating about mental illness through acrylic paintings. She finds ways to bring the reality of a stigmatized mental illness into a celebratory light, creating paintings that are buzzing with energy, movement, and loud colors.”

The Stationery Bakery

“I am an eccentric artist and designer from Texas. I enjoy painting using bold colors, florals, and global textiles.”

Western Rose Studios

“Elizabeth Zimmerman is the creative Oregonian behind Western Rose Studios located in Salem, Oregon. She creates original watercolor paintings of places, people, and pets and is open to commissions.”



“Kate Laing is a writer, maker and explorer in pursuit of cultivating bravery. She lives in the forest and runs on coffee.”

MossHound Designs

“Nicole began her journey into fiber arts after meeting her husband in 2015. His father is a sheep farmer and she fell in love with the animals and the yarn they produced. Between her love for nature, animals and all things 70’s decor- the progression into fiber arts was effortless.”

Myth & Moss

“Taylor Riley is a fiber artist living in Baltimore, MD. Her work focuses on telling stories through bright colors and lush textures using natural fibers.”

Spot Colors

“I am Nicole, owner and designer of Spot Colors. I am a graphic designer and 3rd generation crafter. I design and produce by hand modern diy cross stitch kits. An old-style craft with a modern twist!”


Heather Stewart Harvey Ceramics

“I make and fire wheel-thrown pieces in a home studio that I often share with two young kids churning out small, structurally unsound sculptures. I like the way unglazed clay looks and feels and I spend a lot of time tinkering with clay recipes. I’m a librarian and a teacher/maker of short form documentary film.”

Moss Keramik

“Mia is an artist, teacher, & community-builder based in Berlin, Germany. After receiving her BFA in the United States, Mia opened a community studio in Berlin, Germany. She is passionate about teaching & making. Her one-of-a-kind pottery is designed to bring you joy.”


Ash Bush

“Designer calligraphy pen + accessories shop.”

Camellia Fiber Company

“My name is Silbia, owner of Camellia Fiber Company. We carefully make and dye natural yarns in small batches to help people create a beautiful lifestyle.”

Sablewood Paper Company

“This unfinished, wooden drying rack is perfect for artists who need space to dry their work—especially if you have very few flat surfaces to work with!”

Schilling Woodwerx

“I always wanted to be as cool as my father who is a craftsman. I grew up enjoying the processes involved in turning raw materials into useful and practical works of art. Woodworking is my passion, I love making things that bring joy to others.”

Sew Darn Close

“As a lover of all things creative, once my first daughter was old enough to hold a crayon, I began passing down my love for creating by doing art activities with her. I have a desire to support artists and calligrapher’s in their craft by making it easy to store and bring their art supplies with them wherever they find inspiration.”


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