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Shop the Rising Tide annual holiday gift guide for art & illustration prints and reproductions, calligraphy prints, photography prints, and stickers & decals!

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Allie Dattilio, LLC

“Full-time artist and new mom. A Maryland painter of gray skies and Gold Leaf Landscapes.”

Anna Kay Artworks

“I’m a freckle-faced gal from the South creating custom watercolors, prints, and stationery for the modern Southern lady!”

Brownstone and Ivy

“In my quest for minimalist artwork for my home, I felt disappointed in what I found. I wanted to celebrate places dear to my heart, but couldn’t find anything with a clean aesthetic. My solution: I designed minimalist skylines that work well in any house, and love sharing that with others who value simplicity in art and home.”

Cara Balmer

“Cara Balmer is an artist and designer based in West Michigan. She thrives in many creative trades, but feels greatly fulfilled by interpreting the natural world around her in her printmaking.”

Drawn to Ecology

“As an artist and an environmentalist, I am passionate about supporting and protecting the health and diversity of our world’s ecosystems by producing products made with the earth in mind. Using sustainable papers, hemp, and recycled packaging, purchasing from Drawn to Ecology is guilt free.”

Eight21 Studios

“Carol Massa of Eight21 Studios works with clients all over the US and International. Much of her time is spent drawing and painting cityscapes and well-known points of interest.”

Faye Street Studios

“Richmond native with a love for all things gold: glitter, art, and my golden retriever. Graphic designer & maker who creates custom prints and paper goods.”

Kit Gray Illustration

“As a former park ranger and environmental educator, capturing wildlife on paper was inevitable when Kit Gray became a colored pencil and pastel artist. In addition to creating custom pet portraits, she focuses on bringing North American wildlife, detailed realism, and conservation into everyday life through her work.”

Lane Paper Works

“Lane Paper Works creates whimsical designs that find themselves on greeting cards, stickers, notepads, enamel pins + keychains, prints, and other paper goods. My main two collections are our city illustration line and our custom illustrations of people’s pets, families, and homes. LPW believes in creating designs that champion women, encourage the buyer, and celebrate people’s cities, loved ones, and big life moments.”

Laura Fedorowicz

“Art creates moments of beauty in reflection in what can be a busy and chaotic world. Creating the world she wishes to live in, Laura Fedorowicz creates bright, uplifting and unique pieces of abstract art which remind you to slow down, refocus and remain positive.”

Lauren Taylor Creates

“Lauren Taylor is a globe trotting illustrator and watercolor artist with a passion for creating beautiful art and exploring the world. Specializing in beauty, fashion, and travel illustration inspired by both current trends and classic themes.”

Lemon Zesty

“Artist Monica Martino chronicles the absurdity and weirdness of everyday life, as messy, awesome and perplexing as it is. She was a producer for the Discovery Channel for almost 20 years but was seriously injured while filming in the Amazon. During the long recovery, she started drawing and painting. She founded Lemon Zesty in 2017 with the goal of creating “fresh art with a sour twist.”

Ripe Mangoes

“I create unique and memorable illustrations for thoughtful gift givers looking for presents that leave an everlasting impression and create priceless memories.”

State of April

“There is so much beauty in this world and I have a passion for celebrating that beauty. I feel happiest when I am surrounded by nature, creating art, or cultivating lifelong friendships and family relationships. I currently live and work in North Carolina with the forest in my backyard, my husband, sweet baby boy, and pup by my side.”

Taylor Lee, LLC.

“Taylor Lee is a bright and color-obsessed artist with a passion for communicating about mental illness through acrylic paintings. She finds ways to bring the reality of a stigmatized mental illness into a celebratory light, creating paintings that are buzzing with energy, movement, and loud colors.”


Art and Soul

“I am an artist and hand letterer from Arkansas. I love creating inspiring and uplifting products to encourage others.”

Heather Grace Creative

“I am a wife and mom to five little girls, living in Annapolis, Maryland. I love creating beautiful and encouraging art with pen, ink, and watercolor; each print reflects something true that I want to teach my own children as they grow into young women!”


“LIEFdesign is a handcrafted design studio specializing in design, lettering and paper goods. Emilie Eklund started the studio with a modern design aesthetic which is inspired by the natural world and hopes to cultivate and illuminate the beauty around us in our everyday.”

Naava Katz Illustration

“I am an artist and mommy. I illustrate, paint, letter, and cut felt. I may not get the PTA forms in on time but I never forget to draw a note for my daughter’s lunchbox.”


Karina Mora

“I’m Karina, a photographer who is dedicated to sharing the beauty of Mexican culture through photography. I travel to cities in Mexico to take pictures, then frame them, so you can always have a piece of Mexico in your home.”

Meggie Taylor Boutique

“Hi, My name is Meggie and I love all things colorful! I am a dog mom and a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I started my online boutique when I opened an art gallery and I can’t wait to share so many fun items with you!”

Patria Photography

“Diana D’Agostino is a self-taught food and product photographer and artist from Pittsburgh, PA, with a love of good food, vibrant photography, and telling stories. A passionate advocate of positive representation and acceptance for diverse groups of individuals, Diana’s signature style of transforming food products into colourful portraits of the LGBTQ+ and global communities was inspired by a desire to celebrate and give a voice to these identities, using a medium emotionally significant to the viewer and familiar to a wider audience.”

The Sunset Shop

“Not too many moons ago I retired from the hustle and bustle of the NYC corporate banking world, trading in my heels for a surfboard and camera in Costa Rica. When I am not dreaming under a palm tree, most days you can find me surfing beautiful Costa Rican waves, photographing a breathtaking sunset, working with my amazing photography clients, or playing on the beach with my Chihuahua, Gidget.”

Tiffany Joy Photography

“Tiffany is a freelance photographer with a love for travel. In her print shop, you’ll find scenes from busy New York City streets, mountain views of Colorado, and classic cars on the streets of coastal beach towns. No matter where adventure takes her, Tiffany will always have a special love for photographing her home town of Cleveland, Ohio.”

Wayfaring Prints

“Graphic designer, photographer and wannabe Joanna Gaines with a passion for helping people travel in style.”


Art by Sj Nielsen

“I’m a artist that creates whimsical work with watercolor and loose ink lines. I am passionate about urban sketching, and I also love capturing the scenery of Northern Minnesota.”


“Kate Laing is a writer, maker and explorer in pursuit of cultivating bravery. She lives in the forest and runs on coffee.”

Rachel Alvarez Art

“Rachel Alvarez is from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Her original work has been exhibited at a number of galleries, and her prints, notecards and decals can be found in shops across the United States. Rachel’s art is inspired by her love for travel, the great outdoors and the simple joys of everyday living. Her children inspire much of her work. Each piece in her collection was completed during their nap times and reflects her family’s love for back-country roads, beach days and donuts with sprinkles.”


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