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Shop the Rising Tide annual holiday gift guide for books, magazines, and planners.

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Comeback Magazine

“Iris Zhou is an 18-year-old girl from Seattle who grew up surrounded by creative, hard-working women on the Internet. She founded Comeback Magazine almost three years ago and continues to help creatives reach their goals through good design and insightful stories.”

Cultivate What Matters®

“We are Cultivate What Matters®, a team of women passionate about living more intentional lives. We created the PowerSheets, the ultimate intentional goal planner, and all the items in this shop to help you get closer to what matters most. When you intentionally use our products, change will happen.”

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource

“Claire is an expert on growing dozens of varieties of houseplants, especially fiddle leaf fig plants. She created The Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource website ( and is an instructor at UCLA Extension. It’s her goal to simplify the information you need to grow healthy and happy plants.”

Kate Howey Bookbinding

“Kate Howey is a bookmaker from Greenville, SC. She is an art lover, planner enthusiast, and is a cat mom, plant mom, and soon to be human mom.”

LE Professional Consulting, LLC

“Read the story of a 24-year old that built a business after surviving an absurd childhood.”

Lusicovi Creative

“Elise Rorick is an Enchantment Artist (a term she made up) living in Indiana, and visiting as much of the rest of the world as she can. She is passionate about books, stories, yoga, curiosity, her garden, the sea, and the stars. This is an Illustrated Bullet Journal for Inspiration AND Organization.”

Sablewood Paper Company

“A mini kit to learning modern calligraphy for the girl on-the-go! This set includes a brush tip pen, all-new workbook, and practice paper to kick-start your creative lettering and calligraphy journey!”

Sweet Water Decor

“Sweet Water Decor’s Hand Lettered Products Are Motivational, Rustic, and Chic”

The Bulletproof Business Planner

“Going through and in the end, losing my husband to cancer made me realize that none of the planners I had used could hold up to a busy entrepreneurial life – with all its aspects. So I designed the Bulletproof Business Planner to address not just one or two parts of an entrepreneur’s day, but instead, every aspect of an entrepreneur’s life. The Bulletproof Business Planner helps you to map out the incredible dreams you have for your life, and break them down into checkpoints along a logical roadmap.”


“Lauren is a twin mama with big dreams. (literally, she sleeps a lot!) She taught her newborn twins to sleep twelve hours a night by the time they were twelve weeks old and created the TinyTracker to help parents do the same. She educates, empowers, and equips mamas to overcome the overwhelm during the newborn season of parenting.”


“I am Natasha and I started printing planners more than 3 years ago. I specialize in paper printed planners to write things down and keep your mind clear. Traveler’s Notebook style planners are my favorite and you can customize to plan what YOU need.”


“The founding designer + paper-obsessed gal behind Workspacery, Jenna Murillo is on a mission to help you create a more beautiful and functional workspace at home. Her tools, inspiration, and ideas are all created with the purpose of helping you put your best self out into the world no matter where you work.”


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