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Click to shop Buxy Baby

Buxy Baby


“Providing undivided attention to your child can seem impossible these days. How can you juggle a career, household, family & raise the perfect human? You don’t have to be on stage 24/7 to be a good parent. Give your child a best friend always available to play, listen & cuddle.”

Click to shop Camino Woodshop

Camino Woodshop


“We create handmade pieces to help you fill the hearts, hands, and homes of those you love. Our baby rattles and children’s toys are crafted for generations of safe, happy play.”

Click to shop Gingersnaps Bows

Gingersnaps Bows


“This festive bow is perfect for cookie baking, gingerbread house decorating or any holiday party! The stacked pinwheel has a brown polka dot base bow, a red top bow with side stitching and is topped with a sweet gingerbread man.”

Click to shop Kayla Kitts Co. | The Doodle Shop

Kayla Kitts Co. | The Doodle Shop


“The Doodle Shop is a hand-drawn shop filled with colorable items for all ages. Here at The Doodle Shop, we believe wholeheartedly in cultivating calm + connecting moments in our home, and hope these colorable items bring the same feeling to yours!”

Lark Adventurewear


“Lark Adventurewear is premium bamboo clothing for kids. Our technical Softek fabric protects, is breathable, super soft, and stain resistant. Mom founded and owned company on a mission to make kids the most comfortable—and now offer matching performance PJs for adults too!” 

Click to shop Live In Mosaics

Live In Mosaics


“Kids DIY mosaic tile Christmas ornament kit from Live In Mosaics. Your kids will have so much fun making a gleaming and colorful mosaic tile ornament for the tree this year!”

Click to shop malak handmade art and design

malak handmade art and design


“Hand made cloth dolls that help parents to teach their children such beautiful values as EMPATIA, GRATITUDE, LOVE, or SELF-ESTEEM. We are more than a beautiful gift; we have a purpose; we are an emotional education tool.”

Click to shop More Than Just Lunch

More Than Just Lunch


“More Than Just Lunch™ features products developed with and for children that focus on positivity and sustainability while also providing a fun and interactive way for both parents and children to connect. A portion of the proceeds are donated back to schools in America that are struggling with meal debt.”

Click to shop Myra and Jean

Myra and Jean


“Perfect way to get kids into art during homeschooling!”

Click to shop River&Robin



“Modern goods for the littles | The Lounger by River&Robin is the most versatile, longest lasting, and seamless parenthood essential out there.”

Click to shop Sewn to the Moon

Sewn to the Moon


“Small, one-mama shop specializing in handcrafted children’s clothing. All pieces are made with love, in my in home studio.”

Click to shop The Sawmill Studio

The Sawmill Studio


“Let us help you bring outdoor adventure into your home with our USA made toys. Our Montessori toddler toys are non toxic play furniture structures that promote active and open ended play which is essential in early childhood development! Available in 3 color choices: natural, rainbow & monochrome.”

Click to shop Western Whimsy Designs

Western Whimsy Designs


“Custom illustrations of your favorite furry friend by Elizabeth Zimmerman that are created from your photographs. Perfect as a gift or for yourself!”

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