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“Acrylic paintings ranging in size. Email for current availability.”

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Andi J. Creative


“Art has a powerful way of bringing serenity to a space. Whether for yourself or a friend, I hope this painting brings a moment of peace.”

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Art by Tracy Armstrong


“Mini original paintings on wood for your tree or wall! They are one-of-a-kind creations and completely unique with festive colours that pop beside silver and gold.”

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Art by Tracy Armstrong


“Follow your own heart… spread light & love. Trust your inner knowing, listen and hold it tight. This painting was inspired by the layers and countless moments we accumulate in our lives and it’s only with this wisdom and self love can the we truly shine bright.”

Click to shop Breanna Ellevold Art

Breanna Ellevold Art


“Hand-painted ceramic jewelry trays – done with my signature floral artwork!”

Click to shop Breanna Ellevold Art

Breanna Ellevold Art


“Beautiful and original floral artwork – acrylic on canvas to make your walls happy!”

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Cieri Fabrication


“Handmade porcelain art objects for your home. Made on an off-grid homestead in northern Vermont by a husband and wife team of makers.”

Click to shop Coco and June

Coco and June


“Emily of Coco and June creates abstract art to help you live a joy-filled life. Inspired by bright colors and bold brush strokes, her art allows you to create a cheerful and joyous space for you and your family. A portion of every sale goes to The Pantry Plus More.”

Click to shop Come Alive Studio

Come Alive Studio


“Lana Johnson is a visual artist striving to create art out of the discarded, overlooked, and fleeting objects of everyday life. While living in Paris, she was inspired to paint the intricacy of old tiled floors that thousands of people have walked on over hundreds of years.”

Click to shop First Dance

First Dance


“I make paintings from photographs that help recreate memories of special events, particularly unique moments in wedding ceremonies and /or receptions. My work is more about the remembered feeling of an event, rather than its documentation. My impressionist paintings recreate the mood and atmosphere, unique to each event.”

Click to shop Honey Bee Pottery

Honey Bee Pottery


“Handmade porcelain mug”

Click to shop It's Your Season!!

It’s Your Season!!


“It’s Your Season is all about inspiring you to live your best life in every season with hand painted original art and motivational cards to be displayed in your personal space or given as one-of-a-kind gifts. Positive quotes, like ‘I Choose Joy’, encourage intentional happiness and confidence.”

Click to shop Jen Aranyi

Jen Aranyi


“Jen Aranyi is a Maryland-based artist who creates brightly colored, nature-inspired art. From original paintings, prints, stickers and necklaces, to wood slice ornaments and greeting cards, her work aims to bring the beauty and vibrancy of nature into living spaces while also inspiring others who are learning to paint.”

Click to shop Jennifer Tepper Fine Art

Jennifer Tepper Fine Art


“Small paintings, perfect for your gallery wall or that tiny space in your home that just needs a little something special. Each is an original, painted in oil and acrylic, and framed in a natural pine frame hand-rubbed with beeswax for a beautiful finish.”

Click to shop Kacie Landis Art

Kacie Landis Art


“Creating colorful oil paintings and sharing them with you from my sunny studio in New Orleans, La”

Click to shop Mandy Martin Art

Mandy Martin Art


“Discover artwork that moves you as you enjoy the creative process. My original paintings on canvas evoke feelings of joy, magic and mystery. Each whimsical creation is unique and holds a touch of my inner muse.”

Market Street Home


“I create micro and mini abstract travel and landscape paintings that can sit on your desk and bring you joy with happy colors, vibrant hues and dreams of a faraway place!”

Click to shop Pillows of Grace

Pillows of Grace


“Kerstin of Pillows of Grace creates hand-lettered lifestyle products and home decor to bring you joy and remind you of your truth: you are strong, you are beautiful, you are loved, you are enough. The Sun Rays & Lake Days Collection celebrates the joys of life on the water.”

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“Things are hard. Things are especially hard this year. And there’s no shame in the crying game. Hand painted signs ready to make a statement, or compliment a wall of amazing artwork.”

Click to shop Rebekah Peluszak Design

Rebekah Peluszak Design


“A meaningful gift for you or a loved one, Traveling Homes Illustration is about capturing the freedom of adventure homes – travel trailers, RVs, sailboats, camper vans – through art. These custom pieces create a visual expression of the lifestyle and memories an adventure home can bring.”

Click to shop Ripe Mangoes

Ripe Mangoes


“Handpainted ornaments to gift family and friends, far and near. Be present this Holidays with these one of a kind gift where you physically can’t.”

Click to shop Wander Plant Pots

Wander Plant Pots


“Wander Plant Pots focuses on artful, colorful, and “good-for-your-plants” plant pots.”

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WJStoudt Art


“Like the Impressionists, artist Wendy Stoudt capture the play of colors and light in her paintings. Her inspiration comes from observing the beauty nature. Each painting encourages the viewer to enjoy the majesty of creation and experience a feeling of joy and peace. Commissions accepted.”

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