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Click to shop Alina Thomas Photography, LLC

Alina Thomas Photography, LLC


“The Pose to Profit Course will help you confidently pose your clients in every situation without running out of ideas ever again.”

Click to shop Alisabeth Designs

Alisabeth Designs


“Design Bootcamp is an intentionally designed series of courses created specifically for branding and web designer looking to up-level their business. Whether you are just starting your business, or you’ve been at it for year; DB is full of valuable insight relative to all walks of design.”

Click to shop Ally B Designs

Ally B Designs


“Do you ever feel like you could serve your clients better, but you don’t know exactly what to do and struggle to find the time to get things done? Well then, it’s time to create a client experience that astonishes your clients, saves you time, and scales your business.”

Click to shop Amanda Warfield

Amanda Warfield


“Content Batching Bootcamp is a short course designed to teach you how to create consistent content and jump off the content hamster wheel in just 4 weeks. Learn to create a month’s worth of content in just one week and spend more time on needle-moving tasks that grow your business!”

Click to shop Cameras + Cupcakes

Cameras + Cupcakes


“Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy & fun way to edit photos & videos on your phone like a PRO WITHOUT fancy equipment or spending hours learning a new software? Instead, you’ll be turning viewers into customers? This is your step-by-step guide to do just that!”

Click to shop Candice Coppola

Candice Coppola


“Your step-by-step framework for designing a profitable, scalable, and meaningful business in the wedding industry – from the ground up.”

Click to shop Career Maven Consulting

Career Maven Consulting


“The Resume Cure™ is a quick (30-minutes!) masterclass and tutorial that comes with an editable template to help you update your resume to showstopper status in less than an hour so you can impact your job search when it matters most — right now.”

Click to shop Cassie Schmidt

Cassie Schmidt


“Pin to Win is a course designed to help creatives harness the passive power of Pinterest marketing so they can reclaim their time freedom. Perfect for beginners, this course will teach you (step-by-step) how to get more ideal clients to your website via Pinterest… in under an hour per week!”

Click to shop Coached by Feyisola

Coached by Feyisola


“If you’ve ever wondered how to get your creative business featured in the press, here is your answer! I break down 4 approaches that you can take to get press for your business. By applying these consistently, you are sure to get the press you’re looking for!”

Click to shop Coaching for Creatives

Coaching for Creatives


“Reclaim your time by implementing systems in your home life. The Systems for Your Sanity course was created for creativepreneurs and busy bees ready to streamline their everyday tasks and responsibilities. Let’s set intentional time aside so you may focus on what matters most!”

Click to shop Content Planning Company

Content Planning Company


“Get hands-on help with content and social media inside Content Planning Society, a hybrid masterclass + membership program helping creative entrepreneurs move past the fear, guilt and overwhelm of self-promotion and marketing.”

Click to shop Cozy Clicks

Cozy Clicks


“Learn Photoshop in a simple, non-‘techy’ way. Perfect for new and intermediate portrait photographers. Have fun with Photoshop! Access full tutorials, complete e-courses plus get immediate access to all the Photoshop actions, overlays and digital backgrounds to simplify your editing.”

Click to shop Elena S Blair Education

Elena S Blair Education


“I am a single mama who turned my photography hobby into a multiple six figure family photography business. And I am going to teach you how! Elena S Blair Education is a collection of straight forward education, inspiration, and community for Lifestyle Family, Newborn & Boutique School Photographers!”

Click to shop Elevate Your Wedding Business

Elevate Your Wedding Business


“Online courses crafted specifically for wedding industry businesses. Bite-sized and action-oriented courses focused on creating a better Customer Experience, and building and maintaining the Ideal Couple Cycle, for more effective and efficient wedding businesses.”

Click to shop Emily Magers Photography

Emily Magers Photography


“Let’s take your photography business to the next level. Get unstuck, wow your clients, and build a business you love with these educational resources!”

Click to shop EVERYDAY SEO CO.


“This course workbook will walk through the details of SEO and how to incorporate effective strategies. Tasks are divided into approachable & manageable weekly to do lists. With workbook in hand, you can also purchase monthly 1:1 sessions.”

Click to shop FIT Life Creation

FIT Life Creation


“All in 1 Lifestyle Brand with Health, Wealth & Business with Freebies, Books, & Online Courses.”

Click to shop FOOD LA LA



“The perfect foodie gift: FOOD LA LA COOKING CLUB. Learn to cook inspired—but realistic—menus with simple ingredients and your own tools (or lack of!) Each month, we host two live masterclasses, one of which features a unique food artisan. Can’t join live? View class replays anytime!”

Click to shop Gabby Pinkerton

Gabby Pinkerton


“How wedding pros can use Pinterest to drive traffic to their website & gain more clients.”

Click to shop Hayley Luckadoo Shop

Hayley Luckadoo Shop


“Find courses to learn skills in running a business. social media growth, productivity, and more! Whatever your business is struggling with, you can get all the education you need through the courses by Hayley Luckadoo.”

Click to shop It Just Flows

It Just Flows


“You’re feeling socially disconnected. Your mental health is struggling. Gather online in real time to learn calligraphy as a tool for mindfulness to manage your stress creatively. End a hard year with creative play, gratitude, and celebration. Justine Hwang is a community builder passionate about creating space for meaningful connections.”

Click to shop Jasmine C. Williams, LLC

Jasmine C. Williams, LLC


“Many business owners hold themselves back from opportunities because they aren’t confident in their speaking skills. If you struggle to present yourself during podcast interviews, panels or board meetings… this speaking coaching program is for you! You get personal coaching, access to my speaking community, step-by-step speaking guides, and more.”

Click to shop Katrina Widener Coaching

Katrina Widener Coaching


“Doesn’t it feel like magic when you finally find your people? One thing is for certain: You were never meant to go it alone. This group coaching community by entrepreneur coach Katrina Widener is an all-encompassing experience full of business education, community, accountability, and personal growth.”

Click to shop Kayla Brint Photography

Kayla Brint Photography


“Tired of your fancy camera collecting dust? Mastering Manual Mode is a step-by-step guide to learning to use your camera in manual mode.”

Click to shop Knap Creative

Knap Creative


“Sometimes you’re too dang busy bringing home the bacon to sink hours into your social media. Get weekly content prompts, an extra layer of accountability, and all of our favourite backpocket strategies so you never have to worry about what to post again.”

Click to shop Kyle Goldie

Kyle Goldie

“I help photographers (of all types) & wedding pros (of all types) book more of their ideal clients without ads, without spending all day on social media, and without burnout via either a step-by-step in-depth business course or my personal help in an online mastermind setting.”

Click to shop Local Creative Co.

Local Creative Co.


“Educational resources, courses, and digital products for creative business owners who want to learn how to build a website that attracts their ideal clients online. We cover topics like SEO, Squarespace design, blogging, and email marketing.”

M Harris Hustler Shop


“Posing for Profit is a step by step guide to easy flow couples posing that will change your life and business forever.”

Click to shop Mabely Q

Mabely Q


“Welcome to your fast-track to an accessible, inclusive business: Accessibility Made Easy. The program will walk you through the step-by-step process to make your entire business accessible across seven key areas, without the overwhelm.”

Click to shop Margaux Fraise & Renee Dalo

Margaux Fraise & Renee Dalo


“Mini Bundle: ‘Client Onboarding for Wedding Pros’ + ‘Offboarding for Success’. Nail the Client Experience: Bring clients into your biz effectively + start strong, then turn them into raving fans + referral machines after your time together.”

Click to shop May You Know Joy Inc.

May You Know Joy Inc.


“The Intentional Days membership will inspire you to create a daily intention. Includes: regular inspiration, masterclasses, practice tools and more.”

Click to shop Molly Ho

Molly Ho Studio


“Keep Getting Paid is a membership for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build a magnetic brand, create digital products, and become better at marketing. Purchase of an annual membership for KGP comes with complete access of GVGP.”

Molly Ho Studio


“Go Viral, Get Paid is a proven step-by-step Instagram course that teaches you how to create content that converts, turn your followers into clients, and create a community that wants to work and buy from you.”

Click to shop Myrna & Co.

Myrna & Co.


“SEO the DMO way is your roadmap to finally feeling confident not just about SEO or whether or not your website is optimized, but that you are maximizing the effort you put into marketing your business on the internet.”

Click to shop Pidari



“This LinkedIn masterclass helps you to: transform your dormant page into a magnetic one, learn and apply tips <1% of LinkedIn users know, and implement learning to build brand awareness, generate leads, and earn more income.”

Click to shop Pidari



“If you could be happier with a 15-minute daily practice, would you do it? Introducing the Positive Intelligence group coaching program, with research that has been validated by over 500,000 participants in 50 countries. The program results include dramatically improved performance and productivity and a calm, clear, and happier mind.”

Click to shop Pidari



“In the midst of this chaotic time, your job hunt may fall to the wayside. Perhaps you’re wishing for your dream job in a stable company, but you don’t have a clear idea for a path to get there. Lida has helped folks break into, or thrive in, the tech industry – they have started roles at Apple, Facebook, Gartner, Google, Internet Brands, and Silicon Valley Bank (and many more) soon after working with Lida.”

Click to shop Profitable Courses

Profitable Courses


“Profitable Courses is a 8-module online course that takes you step by step from idea to your own profitable course from day 1. This process works even if you have zero experience, no course idea, no following or even if you don’t think you’re an expert yet.”

Click to shop Sakura Rose

Sakura Rose


“The Calm Creative: A Simple System to Organize Your Biz Financials is the course to help you organize your biz financials in 4 weeks, and stay organized for years to come!”

Click to shop Simply Jessica Marie

Simply Jessica Marie


“Finally, approachable online watercolor classes that cover everything from how to pick up your paintbrush for the first time – to how to digitize your watercolors for printed products (and where to get them printed!) If you’re wanting to grow your watercolor business, the SJM Art School classes are for you, friend!”

Click to shop Six Figure Freelancers

Six Figure Freelancers

“I’ll guide you step-by-step through mastering your mindset, creating your brand and landing your first high-value client. The accelerator simplifies business, brand, marketing and sales into easy bite-sized action items and gives you everything you need to land your first BIG client.”

Click to shop SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge


“THIS is photography education for real world success! Access EVERY SLR Lounge workshop in Premium, with over 30 workshops, 2000 hours and $2000 of retail value. Master off camera flash, authentic posing, and manual mode. Learn frameworks for creativity, wedding photography success, business success for all genres, and much more!”

Click to shop Steph Woods / The Course Launch Academy

Steph Woods / The Course Launch Academy


“Imagine growing your income and impact while decreasing how much YOU your biz needs… Want to reach more people? Take fewer clients? Maybe drop the 1:1 business model altogether? The Course Launch Academy is a step-by-step blueprint to create and launch your digital course (then sell it on autopilot!).”

Click to shop Stephanie Kase Photography

Stephanie Kase Photography


“Elevate Your Details by Stephanie Kase is an online course on how to beautifully and efficiently photograph wedding details. This includes how to style them, how to create a fast workflow, how to educate your couples, and how to use details to strategically connect with wedding vendors!”

Click to shop Tara Shea The VA

Tara Shea The VA


“Foundations is an action-based course and digital tools bundle that will shortcut your path to starting a successful virtual assistant business.”

Terry Rice Consulting: Attract & Convert: How to Get More Coaching and Consulting Clients


“This course will help you stop chasing clients and start attracting opportunities that recognize the value you have to offer. By following a clear and concise 6-step process, you’ll spend less time doing sales and business development and more time operating in your zone of genius by helping your audience.”

Click to shop "The Art of Six Figures - The Ultimate Facebook Ads Marketing Course

The Art of Six Figures – The Ultimate Facebook Ads Marketing Course


Click to shop The Creative Educator Academy

The Creative Educator Academy


“Interested in becoming an educator? Our industry is full of opportunities to make an impact through education…but you may not have the training you need to be equipped as a top-notch educator. This course takes your knowledge and passion and helps you step into the role of Educator with confidence!”

Click to shop The Event Certificate

The Event Certificate


“Are clients finding you on Google? If not, you’re not alone. It’s difficult to get on the 1st page of Google, and unless you’re a marketing guru spending a ton of time writing blogs and sourcing SEO hacks, Google might seem like a giant ocean without a shore – until now.”

Click to shop

The Isolation Journals


“Learn from extraordinary artists as they share stories, failures, wisdom and instruction. Attend an intimate virtual conversation with writer Suleika Jaouad and her guests as they explore the creative life and offer direction on how to elevate yours.”

Click to shop Alexandra Haney

The Photography Framework


“The Photography Framework provides a basis to build your dream photography business from scratch covering ten topics with which most new entrepreneurs struggle!”

Click to shop The Promptlate Shop

The Promptlate Shop


“Wanna go from total crickets to connecting + converting with your copy like crazy? Check out The Promptlate Shop — the do-it-yourself process for website words that sound like you and speak straight to your dream clients.

Click to shop The Public Speaking Strategist

The Public Speaking Strategist


“A public speaking membership community for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business from the stage.”

Click to shop The Restart Specialist

The Restart Specialist


“RESTART: A course designed to help photographers effectively relocate and grow their business in the market they are in or the market they want to be in. Designed by a military spouse with 15 years experience moving to help take the frustration and mystery out of moving forward . . . without fear.”

Click to shop The Virtual Savvy

The Virtual Savvy


“The SavvyVault is a tech training membership for creatives. Over 50 courses are included, teaching business owners how to use software tools like Canva, Honeybook, Teachable, and more. We also have industry trainings like course creation, subscription box management, and Amazon store setup. New courses are added each month!”

Click to shop Vanessa Hicks Photography

Vanessa Hicks Photography


“Tired of not knowing how to blog, or blogging and not seeing any results? That’s because you are lacking strategy when it comes to blogging, and I can teach you that!”

Click to shop Vanessa Hicks Photography

Vanessa Hicks Photography


“12 Week Online Mastermind… perfect for businesses looking to build strategy in their business strategy, marketing, Blogging, SEO, and more!”

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