Kyrsten Sherwood

Kyrsten and Kelly Sherwood are a wife and husband team who help creative entrepreneurs to start and scale their small businesses. Their Launch Brand Grow Community offers accountability and education for creatives and infopreneurs with Hot Seats, Masterminds, Courses, Book Club, Workshops, Monthly Goal Setting and more! Copper Kettle Co's new 1:1 Accelerator program takes creative businesses from bootstrapped to looking, functioning and converting like one that's been in the business for years through Brand and Website Design & Development, Copywriting, Blogging, Pinterest & Social Media Management and more! Kyrsten, Kelly and their 3 (going on 4!) kids currently live in Scottsdale, AZ and serve creative business owners all over the world.


  1. So true!! Love everything you said Kyrsten! It’s spot on!

    1. Thanks so much, lady!! I’m so glad you found it helpful <3


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