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Retreat Workshops 

On Sunday afternoon, we’ll break up into groups and rotate between two workshops. To register, please complete the form below with your top choices! Most of the workshops have a capacity of 10 so we’ll divide you up among your top choices! 


Craft Cocktails

Taught by: Joni Whitworth (@mintandmirth) 

Join us for a mixology workshop that will get you up and running in the fine world of craft cocktails. We’ll teach you how to execute cocktails that will not only impress your family and friends, but will have you shaking and stirring like an industry professional. Together we’ll make three cocktails using a customized curriculum based on the finest spirits. You’ll leave with a solid foundation in cocktail styles, as well as the recipes necessary to execute them. We’ll supply the bar tools needed for the workshop.


Abstract Painting

Taught by: Megan P. (@artbymegan) 

Learn how to create your own ocean abstract inspired by the beautiful colors of Charleston with Brooklyn/Maryland artist, Megan Elizabeth. Megan will teach you how to pick lovely complimentary colors, place your paint, make some fun little abstract marks and you will finish the class with a fun, tiny, abstract beach scene. We will be using acrylic paints (which dry permanent), 6×6 canvases and brushes, so come dressed to make a small (or large) mess!


Mixed Media

Taught by: Blakely Little (@blakelymade) 

​In this class, you’ll start out with a 12×12 piece of paper, and finish with a masterpiece! I will walk you through taking your latest inspiration and turning it into a paper cut out collage. ​You will work with paint, crayon, marker and pencil to then cut out pieces and build up a larger image. I love combining pattern, negative space, and objects to evoke the feeling of scene. You’ll learn about how something can visually make sense, even if it doesn’t look exactly how it may look in real life. It’s going to be fun and full of bright colors, so come on! Bonus: I live in Charleston so I can answer all your Charleston questions!


HoneyBook 101

Taught by: HoneyBook Team (@honeybook) 

Have a complimentary HoneyBook account but still haven’t set it up? This workshop is for you! Learn how to make the most of your account with the HoneyBook team. Discover new features, provide feedback and walk away more organized than ever before!


Instagram Styling

Taught by: Megan Martin (@) 

Join us and Get Socially Styled with Megan Martin! In this workshop we will learn all about styling, shooting and connecting with your ideal audience on Instagram. Megan will teach you how to create a visually cohesive feed by implementing key principles of styling from choosing a color story and backgrounds, to curating and arranging props, and what types of shots are shown to generate higher engagement. We will also talk through the tools and apps available to take better phone images before breaking out and geting hands on to style and shoot together! Get that phone out and let’s have some fun!


Intro to speaking – Becoming a leader worth following

Taught by: Josh Newton (@joshnewton) 

Interested in speaking at WPPI, different trade shows, tours, getting sponsored, and even doing workshops? First you have to learn to become a leader worth following. I can’t give you ALL the answers in an hour, but I can give you an awesome introduction on how to start that journey.


Do Things Differently: Creativity in Baking

Taught by: David Schnell (@brownscourt) 

David Schnell, head baker and owner of Brown’s Court Bakery, will instruct a class on how to make a few pastries while he talks about how he came into opening his bakery and maintains his inspiration. A Georgia native, Schnell opened now award-winning Brown’s Court Bakery late 2012. Despite being tucked away in a slightly hidden spot in Charleston, Brown’s Court is already incredibly popular among retail and wholesale customers, who can count on Schnell for anything from traditional brioche and baguettes to sriracha croissants and the mottled crust of a classic Dutch Tijgerbrod.



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