Small Business Scaries: Tales of Ghosted Payments & Never-Ending Tasks

Small business scaries happen to the best of us. 3 members share business moments gone wrong—including not getting paid 😱—and how they banished them for good.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Yes, it’s true, those other holidays have turkeys and snow globes and presents. But what they don’t have? Scary movies. I know, I know, most people would beg to disagree. Between the “Who’s behind that door?” and “Don’t go down those stairs!” moments and something big and loud jumping out that stops your heart for just a second, there’s so much tension and then a great big release. What’s not to love?   

But if you can’t stomach things that go bump in the night, I’ve got three spine-tingling tales about business moments gone wrong. They’re just as scary (because our businesses are our babies) but without the ghosts and zombies. Keep reading for our HoneyBook members’ small business scaries and learn how they banished them.

Dana’s Small Business Scary: Not getting paid 😱

“I had been using another client management system and there were glitches in the payment system so people couldn’t pay. My customers were frustrated, and that experience reflected poorly on me,” Dana, a Virtual Business Manager and Systems Setup Specialist at i2iHype says. “I spent over a week going back and forth with their tech support team, and in the end, wasted more time because I had to go into another system, like QuickBooks, to send another invoice.”

How Dana Banished the Scaries

“HoneyBook popped up for a free trial, so I set it up and created invoices,” Dana says. “I sent them out, they got paid and it was done.”

To get paid, Dana creates and sends a HoneyBook Proposal (that’s an invoice and contract in one!) after talking to an inquiry. They click, sign, pay and DONE! After the Invoice is paid, she sets it up so that HoneyBook automatically starts sending another email sequence to start the onboarding process, which includes a Questionnaire to fill out or instructions of next steps. 

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Want to banish the small business scaries?

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Molly’s Small Business Scary: Re-doing the same tasks over and over again—and leaving clients hanging

“Every time someone purchased a 1:1 session from me, I was re-writing the same email with the same questions over and over again. Many times people would purchase a session or audit from me and not receive a confirmation or information on how to schedule time on my calendar. I felt like I was leaving my clients hanging and spending way too much time re-doing the same tasks over and over again,” said Molly, a business mentor at Farmhouse Creative Marketing.

How Molly Banished the Scaries:

If someone is ready to book a 1:1 session, they now submit the HoneyBook Contact Form on Molly’s website. And as soon as she receives the inquiry, she uses HoneyBook templates to respond quickly and provide next steps for a smooth customer experience. 

“I have a template set up that allows me to send them an invoice and a link to schedule their consultation session on my calendar as well. Because they are scheduling a 1:1 consultation, the part of my scheduler that they see is specific to scheduling this type of session. This is key because I can block out times and days in my calendar when I know I’ll have calls scheduled, and I can work my other business plans around these blocked off times,” she said.

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Ce’erica’s Small Business Scary: Manually tracking everything 

Ce’Erica of FRSH Marketing, Branding and Design found herself spending time on her business operations every day, tracking whom she needed to follow up with, which client owed payment when, and everything in between. She updated a Google Sheet with outstanding/received payments and took notes on the last communication she had with every client. All of this manual tracking meant less time for actual design work, let alone strategizing how to scale her business. 

How Ce’erica Banished the Scaries:

With HoneyBook, Ce’erica uses templates and Workflows to automatically follow up with all her inquiries. “For about half of the emails I send, it’s not actually me sending them. I’m so big on making templates and using Automations because it saves time, and it makes clients feel like they’re talking to me. With HoneyBook, clients ‘talk’ to me 2-3 times before I actually ever really communicate with them.”

After she talks to an inquiry, she sends their proposal and keeps track of everything in one place in their project workspace. “I have a HoneyBook template for the proposal, too, and only need to change a portion of text to reflect what we talked. I create this in HoneyBook and send it from the client’s project workspace so it’s easy to keep track of everything.” 

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The Small-Business-Scaries Buster

Small business scaries happen to the best of us. Luckily, banishing them is easier than you think with tools like HoneyBook. You can create workflows that automate responding to your inquiries ASAP, send proposals and get paid! 

Want to banish the small business scaries?

With HoneyBook, manage client communication, schedule meetings and track payments from a simple, streamlined hub.

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