The StartUp Series: Becky Williamson

Each Tuesday, we’ll be posting a short video from one of our TuesdaysTogether leaders. They’ll share who they are, how they got their start and their best advice for new business owners. We have some insanely talented people leading these groups and we know you’re going to learn so much from them!

In today’s video we’re excited to introduce you to Becky Williamson. Becky is a photographer from North Carolina and one of the leaders of our Charlotte group. We really love Becky’s advice for not trying to achieve someone else’s definition of success. “I had to realize that success for me was going to look very different. I am a wife and a mom. And, I am a business owner. And I love that, but all of those three things have to have a balance. I can have success in all of those things, but it’s going to look very different from everyone else.” 

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Krista Jones

Krista Jones is a fine art film photographer and Graphic Designer for Creative Entrepreneurs. She specializes in crafting unique brands that extend far beyond distinct typography and varying color palettes. Krista’s unique understanding of visual marketing, web design, and search engine optimization has enabled her to create dynamic identities that prosper both online and in the marketplace.