It is our hope to cultivate a society of creative entrepreneurs who believe in community over competition and have a desire to lead with love. From this dream, #TuesdaysTogether was born. A meetup on the second Tuesday of every month where creatives + entrepreneurs gather together for coffee and conversation. An open space for idea sharing and goal building. Separated by distance, but beautifully united by a hashtag and a shared desire for community. Because isn’t that what we all deserve? A safe place to belong.  


Why should I join a group?

By joining a local TuesdaysTogetehr group you will be able to connect in person with amazing creatives in your area. You will be able to receive and share knowledge and education both from your local group as well as The Rising Tide Society. Once you have joined a group you will be invited to your groups local facebook page and will also be able to unlock all of the educational features that are provided to all Rising Tide Society members.

What will happen once I register?

Upon registration you will be able to:

  • Complete your professional profile
  • Unlock current and past monthly guides and educational content
  • Receive monthly education and updates to your inbox
  • Unlock webinars and member only content on The Rising Tide Society
  • Join your local groups TuesdaysTogether meetups


What are the meet-ups?

Tuesdays Together meet-ups are gatherings for small business owners who have a desire to share their knowledge, learn from their peers, and grow together. The meetings, coordinated by local industry leaders, are designed to be approachable, authentic, and uplifting. Each month, we’ll be releasing an overarching topic to kickstart the conversation and allowing the gathering to flow from there!

Why join a meet-up?

We believe that getting out from behind your computer and building true relationships with other creative entrepreneurs is an incredible tool for success. By joining a Tuesdays Together meet-up you can expect to learn new business tips directly from your colleagues, grow in confidence, and find a network of compassionate professionals in your local area.


Who are they for?

Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business CEOs, including: Artists, Bloggers, Boutique Owners, Calligraphers, Designers, Event Planners, Florists, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Stylists, Wedding Pros, Writers and more!  

Where and When do they meet?

Most meetups occur on the second Tuesday of the month at local coffee shops, but for more details about exact meeting times, make sure you join your area’s Facebook group. You can find local groups and their Facebook pages under the “Join the Movement” on the website.


What happens at the meet-ups?

Tuesdays Together meet-ups will vary from city to city and each leader has the freedom to cultivate gatherings that best fit their local area. However, most gatherings include a discussion on the topic of the month followed by an open question and answer segment. Whether you’ve been in business for five years or five days, there are always new tips and tricks emerging in the marketplace. It is our hope that by creating a safe space for open dialog and idea sharing we can help one another to thrive.

What is TuesdaysTogether?

Tuesdays Together Styled Shoot – Monterey CA from Estrella Films

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