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Welcome to the Rising Tide Society and your local TuesdaysTogether group. We’re so thrilled to have you a part. The Rising Tide Society is an organization dedicated to empowering and educating creative entrepreneurs in the spirit of community over competition both internationally and locally. As a member of your local TuesdaysTogether group, we’re excited to welcome you to resources and opportunities to grow your business!


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The heartbeat of the Rising Tide Society is our local chapters and the monthly TuesdaysTogether meetups in cities across the world. By registering here, you’re officially a member of the Rising Tide Society as a whole, but we’d love to invite you to connect with your local chapter via Facebook. Chapters use these groups to share dates, times, and locations of upcoming meetups, build local in-person and online community, and share educational content and important information about RTS and TuesdaysTogether. Join your local chapter’s group here!

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Create Your Community Profile BETA

You can now create you community profile and have early access to The Rising Tide Society and HoneyBook creative community. 

What is the community?
Get a peek into the community

– Find and post opportunities for creative professionals
– Connect with over 50,000 creatives, searchable by industry type and location
– Showcase your projects & collaborations
– Get more inquiries from creatives & clients



Access the Monthly Guides & Webinar Content

Every month we produce a free guide of content related to that month’s topic. As a member, you have the opportunity to access all monthly guides, as well as past webinars full of content to boost your business.

Local chapters use these guides to lead discussion at each TuesdaysTogether meeting. Additionally, they are full of incredible content and education from leaders and members within the Rising Tide Society community. Download the monthly guides here!


Download Your Rising Tide Society Member Badge

With members in over 400 local chapters throughout the world and even more RTS members online, we are united in our efforts to foster a spirit of community over competition. Download your RTS member badge to display on your website and social media!



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