A life built on passion and purpose

Dear Future HoneyBooker

We believe an empowered creative economy will change the world. We support the creative in their pursuit of a sustainable livelihood. We champion technology as our ally in celebrating human passion and creativity.

Envision a world where the creative builds their legacy and makes their mark, starting with one step—a booking. This is the exhilarating, defining moment from which all future success unfolds. One booking, one client, one referral, and another, and another—the sweet sound of success, the universal feeling of a tide on the rise.

At HoneyBook, every day we are on a mission to empower the creative economy to rise together, doing what they love.

Oz Alon signature
Oz Alon, CEO

Our values

  • People come first

    Our people, whether they are customers or employees, influence our every decision. Their well-being is paramount.

    People come first
  • We go the extra mile

    Maintaining high standards and taking pride in what we do makes us who we are. Going above and beyond is in our DNA.

    We go the extra mile
  • We love what we do

    We come into the office every day ready to build, collaborate, learn and have fun.

    We love what we do
  • We are fearless

    Positivity and the unwavering will to succeed drives us. We’re here to make huge changes in our world, not play it safe.

    We are fearless
  • We are family

    Relationships are important to us. We make sure employees, customers and investors alike feel at home when they walk through our doors.

    We are family

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The good stuff

  • Competitive pay and equity

    We offer a competitive salary, meaningful equity, and a 401(k) plan to every full-time employee.

  • Impact

    We move quickly and encourage every employee to push the envelope. Our best ideas come from out-of-the-box-thinking and innovation; be ready to fail fast and often!

  • Set up for success

    Get started on the right foot with a company laptop and the tools you need to do your best work (plus some sweet company swag!)

  • Growth opportunities

    We want to help you grow during your time at HoneyBook. Each quarter, every employee receives a budget that they can use to develop their career outside of HoneyBook's walls.

  • Meals on us

    We’ve got a fully stocked kitchen with a never-ending supply of beverages, catered lunch three times a week, and monthly happy hours hosted by your colleagues. We won't let you go hungry (or thirsty!) at HoneyBook.

  • Open vacation policy

    We believe a good work-life balance is crucial to our happiness and productivity, which is why we don't put a limit on vacation days. Employees are also encouraged to take a half day to volunteer in our local community.

Meet the teams

  • Product, San Francisco

    The San Francisco Product team works with the team in Tel Aviv to build the software that our customers love and use every day. Product is organized into smaller “commandos” which allow them to move with agility.

  • Product, Tel Aviv

    The Tel Aviv Product team works hand-in-hand with the team in San Francisco to build the best product for our users. These are engineers, designers, data and product specialists committed to innovating every day.

  • Marketing

    The Marketing team works across all stages of the user journey to ensure creative entrepreneurs discover and understand how HoneyBook can help them grow their businesses.

  • Operations

    The Operations team provides the company with talent, a compelling workplace culture, financial resources, and the analytical support necessary to propel continuous innovation and breakthroughs.

  • Member Experience

    The world-class Member Experience team ensures HoneyBook users have the best experience while using the product.

  • Sales

    The Sales team ensures that potential users have all the information they need to succeed using HoneyBook. They are our cheerful brand ambassadors, product experts, and expert conversationalists all in one.

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