Simple, secure online payments

Accept all major credit/debit cards and bank transfers, while providing a seamless client experience.

No credit card required

Online payments
Online payments

Small businesses have booked over

$1 billion in business through HoneyBook


Give clients a frictionless payment experience

A frictionless payment experience
  • Invoice, contract & payment in one step
  • Accept credit/debit cards & bank transfers
  • Clients can auto-pay
  • Mobile friendly

So easy and user friendly. [HoneyBook] makes it easy for clients to make payments.

Kati Fictum

Kati Fictum

Bellart Photography + Design

Get paid quickly and on time, every time

Get paid quickly
  • Client management & payments in one place
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Payment tracking
  • Direct deposit funds to your account

I hate having to remind clients to pay me, and now HoneyBook does that for me!

Elizabeth Rivera

Elizabeth Rivera

Urban Dahlia


Small businesses that accept online payments make 2x more than those that don’t.

PayPal Canada’s Canadian Landscape Study 2017

No credit card required

Protect your small business with HoneyBook payments

Dispute resolution

When client disputes happen, HoneyBook has your back. Unlike other platforms, our team works side-by-side with you, instead of automatically refunding the client.

Secure payments

Your security is our first priority. Our in-house fraud team monitors all transactions, keeping you and your clients safe.

Cashflow confidence

Stop waiting for checks in the mail. Get paid faster and know with confidence when your money will reach your account.


  • For your business
  • For your clients
  • For your peace of mind

Automatic payment reminders

Asking for money can be awkward, even when it’s hard-earned. Automatic payment reminders take that job off your plate.


Recurring and scheduled payments

Whether you charge a retainer, monthly subscription, or something else, create invoices customized for your business.


Credit, Debit, and ACH/bank transfer

Accept all major credit/debit cards and bank transfers. Plus, accept cash/checks at no charge.


Mobile invoicing

Our Android and iOS apps let you send professional invoices on-the-go and track payments in real time.


Easy auto-pay

Want to allow clients to auto-pay? Just turn on the auto-pay option. Clients securely opt in with one click, and you're guaranteed on-time payments.


Pay from any device or in-person

Clients can easily make payments from their phone, tablet, or laptop, with 0-friction. This means faster payments for you.



Want to allow clients to tip? Just turn on the gratuity option. Cha-ching!


Invoice, contract and payment in one step

Tired of back and forth? Allow clients to sign a contract and pay in one, seamless step.


Real-time tracking

Get payment notifications via our Android/iOS app. Plus, see outstanding and upcoming payments in the bookkeeping tool.


Fraud protection

Your security comes first. Our best-in-class concierge team monitors all transactions to help prevent any unauthorized payments.


Competitive transaction fee

Our transaction fee is simple and transparent — 3% for credit/debit cards OR 1.5% for ACH/bank transfers.


Direct deposit

Save time with convenient direct deposit of funds into your bank account.

Online Payment FAQs

What does it take to start using HoneyBook payments?

Next to nothing! Because we act as your payment processor, you can simply sign up for a HoneyBook account and start collecting client payments — no switching, connecting, or upstart required. With one account, you can consolidate all aspects of your business. Interested? Learn more about HoneyBook features.

What are your processing fees?

At the moment, payments received through HoneyBook incur a 3% processing fee for credit cards OR 1.5% fee for ACH/bank transfers. These fees are not in addition to what you would pay when using other systems, and are comparable to those you would see in Paypal, Square, and other payment processors. Learn more about HoneyBook’s payment processing and fees.

Do you automatically move client payments to my bank account?

Yes — we directly deposit funds into your account! That means as a small business owner whose time is valuable, you don’t have to manually hit a ‘Payout’ button over and over again. Plus, HoneyBook’s Bookkeeping tool allows you to easily track all paid, upcoming and outstanding payments and even zoom in to see payments’ estimated deposit date. Learn more about HoneyBook’s Bookkeeping tool.

Can I use my own payment processor?

In an effort to keep all your business information in one place, HoneyBook acts as the payment processor for any credit card or ACH (bank transfer) payments you receive. At the moment, we're not able to process payments through HoneyBook using personal accounts with PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, etc.

If you do need to accept any payments made outside of HoneyBook (via cash, check, or another method), you can easily mark those payments as paid within HoneyBook.

Can I pass the transaction fee onto my client?

Currently there is not a built-in way to pass the processing fees along to your clients. We recommend researching your state's laws on the matter, or speaking with a financial professional—in many states, it is illegal to pass processing fees on to a client. If you live in a state where it is legal, it's possible to add these charges as line items in your Invoices or Proposals. However, again, we'd recommend researching your state's requirements on messaging this to your clients, as the requirements may vary.

What if my client disputes a payment they made?

Client disputes can be scary, but here’s the good news — we work with you to understand the situation, instead of automatically refunding your client. Our disputes team will contact you to get relevant details from you in order to resolve the situation in the best way possible.

What does a client experience when they pay me on HoneyBook?

When you send an invoice or proposal to a client, they will receive a personalized email from you including a secure link to the invoice. They can then click the link and easily access the invoice from their mobile phone or laptop (no login or password required). Your client will then view your invoice exactly as you’ve created it in HoneyBook, and smoothly transition into the payment screen, which includes your brand logo, name and number of payments, as well as the option for them to opt into automatic payments (if you’ve turned the feature on). Learn more about your client’s experience.

Does HoneyBook offer fraud protection?

Yes, we are proud to offer in-house fraud monitoring.

Our in-house fraud team and automated systems monitor all payments to help prevent unauthorized or risky payments. When your clients pay using HoneyBook you can have piece of mind knowing their payments are safe and secure.

Can I accept payments in person?

Yes, if you are meeting in person with a client, HoneyBook’s ‘book in person’ feature allows you to securely allow them to pay, or for you to enter in their information on the spot. We currently can't accept credit card swipes or scans.

Can I integrate my QuickBooks account?

Absolutely. Connecting your HoneyBook account with QuickBooks Online enables the systems to automatically sync your payments from HoneyBook directly into your QuickBooks account.

Here’s how it works:
When a client submits a payment to you in HoneyBook, the integration will automatically create an invoice and payment in QuickBooks for you.

Once the payment deposits into your bank account, you can match this payment in your banking section in QuickBooks. We also account for transaction fees for you; after you've matched a payment, you can view all transaction fees from the Expenses section in QuickBooks.

How online payments can power your small business