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4 Most Important Audiences to Target with Facebook Ads

Ever get overwhelmed with all the different options for audience targeting in Facebook? Demographics, geo-targets, behaviors, interests, job titles, etc. — it is a lot, and it can be confusing. Here’s a quick way to help simplify the process.

There are four audiences every business, no matter what your business, should start with when advertising on Facebook:

  1. Your page fans
  2. Your email list
  3. Look-a-like page fans + email list + past customers (found under customer audiences)
  4. Website visitors (remarketing)

Targeting to your page fans + email list helps you stay top of mind with your tribe and customers. Remember, it is a lot easier to get someone to buy who has bought before than try to find a new customer.

Look-a-like audiences should be used to introduce yourself to new potential customers. Ask them to take an action such as visit your website or like your page to know who is really interested in what you have to offer and who to focus on turning into a customer.

Remarketing is a very powerful digital advertising tactic. It helps remind those who have visited your website about your business and what you have to offer. Ever look at a product on Amazon, and then you see an ad for it on Facebook? This is remarketing (aka retargeting)! To implement this, you’ll need to create a Facebook pixel and paste a piece of code onto your website.

Pro Tip: Make an ad set for each different audience, do not target them together.

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