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4 Ways to Set Your Business Up for Long-Term Pinterest Marketing Success

One of the reasons Pinterest for business is so powerful is because of the long lifespan that pins have on the platform. Unlike content on other social media sites, Pinterest pins are basically immortal. Your content can show up weeks or even months after you originally posted them in a user’s feed.

So even though Pinterest offers major long-term returns and will give your business exposure for years to come, it also means that your pins often don’t take off right away.

As a planning platform, it’s natural for Pinterest to be a long game marketing strategy. Users go on the platform to learn something new, plan an important occasion, and get inspiration. This means that most of the time they save your content, come back to it later, and then act on it. That’s why it usually takes a few months (3-5 to be exact) for you to start seeing significant growth in website traffic, email subscribers, and sales!

However, your content still has the potential to go viral on Pinterest from the get-go (I’ve experienced it myself!). Here are four tips to increase the chances of that happening—and set your business up for long-term Pinterest success.

1. Post high-value evergreen content

If you’re an entrepreneur in 2019, you already know that content is QUEEN these days! And content is especially queen on Pinterest for business.

The way that you get in front of your dream target audience and hook them so they keep coming back for more is to create value-driven content that helps them solve a certain pain point.

Pinterest works its magic to get your content in front of your ideal audience, but it’s your job to pump out useful content that they want to see because, ultimately, that’s what’s going to get them to click over to your website.

On top of creating high-value content, you should also focus on creating evergreen content that can be recycled throughout the year. Seasonal content is great, but remember that your pins are going to live on Pinterest for a long time. You want to increase the chances of users sharing and clicking on them throughout the entire year—not just a few months!

2. Promote your lead magnets & email list

So you’re getting tons of Pinterest traffic to your website—yay! But how are you converting that traffic to reach your long-term business goals? If you’re a service-based entrepreneur (or even a product-based one), you need to be growing your email list ASAP.

Combining the power of Pinterest with an email marketing strategy is bound to create magic, because they work together to not only get more eyes on your website, but to convert those people landing on your site into email subscribers (aka raving fans that are in for the long haul!).

To really maximize Pinterest to grow your email list, create multiple pins for your lead magnets to multiply your chances of people downloading them and your content going viral.

And the best part is that since Pinterest is a long game, once you have your systems in place, your email list will literally grow on auto-pilot…for free!

(If you want results like growing your email list by 700% in less than 3 months, check out my FREE guide on the four steps you need to take to grow your email list with Pinterest here.)

3. Nail your SEO strategy

Since Pinterest is a search engine, your keyword game has to be strong. Optimizing all your Pinterest content with keywords will help people find your content months from now, even if you never lay a finger on it again.

If you’re just starting out with optimizing your Pinterest with SEO, start by using the search bar to find your niche and use the Suggestion Bar to populate keywords that are most commonly searched for in that niche.

Once you have a nice spreadsheet of top keywords in your niche, insert those babies everywhere—meaning your name, bio, board names, board descriptions, and pin descriptions.

4. Invest time in group boards & Tailwind tribes

Even if Pinterest isn’t exactly a social media network, it still has a sense of community that will help push your business forward in the long run.

To make your content go viral, take advantage of Pinterest group boards and Tailwind Tribes. There has been talk that group boards are losing their effectiveness, but I still believe (and have seen tangible results) that these communities are KEY in maximizing your content’s reach and finding other content that your target audience is going have an interest in. (#Communityovercompetition, anyone?)

High-engagement group boards and Tailwind Tribes work to get your content in front of MORE people and increase your chances of your business gaining major traction for months to come. 

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