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Ali Williamson

All my life, I’ve wanted to move somewhere coastal and south. A huge part of my heart beats for the sand and the sea and for the culture of the coast. But I am a Virginia girl at heart. After all, I was born and raised on the Potomac and educated in The Valley. I fell in love in Virginia with a boy from Virginia. We got married in Virginia, and now we live in the heart of Virginia where I photograph weddings all over the state. I love a classy vineyard wedding in Charlottesville as much as a relaxed ocean side wedding in Virginia Beach. I’ve been shooting weddings since 2006 when I started in the industry as a second shooter. When I began my business in 2010, I had 4 years of experience and a year of photography school under my belt. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of meeting amazing couples and documenting their love. I view my job as an honor and a gift, just as I view marriage itself!

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