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Ashley Scobey

Ashley taught Graham that, when you really like someone, you intertwine your fingers. We’ve been holding hands that way ever since. Between then and now, we have dreamed our way from Los Angeles to Connecticut to Atlanta to Colorado. We’ve had the privilege of building an internationally recognized photography studio, and we have been honored by being named one the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography by Rangefinder Magazine. We have shot weddings all over the world, we have a crazy passion for people and photojournalism and stupid big dreams, and our work has received awards such as Junebug’s Best of the Best, PDN Top Knots, and Showit’s Image of the Year. More importantly, though, we are in constant search of ridiculous places to have dance parties and tickle fights with our two kids. Because, for us, our success will always be measured by the joy we exhibit and how well we love others.

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