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Brookes Vaughan

Brookes Vaughan is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Founder of Girl Health Co., and host of the podcast, Girl Health Co. Radio. Brookes’ company exists to provide the highest quality of healthcare that is also convenient, affordable, and personal to busy women on-the-go (like entrepreneurs) and also those who crave a “more than medicine” approach to their care. She also strives to build a community where women are able to connect and learn more about all aspects of their health in order to live life both whole and healthy.
Brookes and her husband, Schuyler, and their golden retriever, Riggins, live in North Georgia. When she is not seeing patients, hosting her podcast, or working on her business, Brookes enjoys long runs with her husband through the hills of Athens, creating healthier versions of the Southern soul food that she was raised on, and speaking & connecting with women on a deeper level.

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