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Casey Brodley

My name is Casey, I’m a professional photographer and lovable weirdo. I shoot weddings, families, or pretty much anything that ends with me eating cake. On any given day, you can find me conversing with my dogs like they are humans, watching reruns of The Office, reading a book or tarot cards, listening to a true crime podcast or dancing like no one is watching. I pride myself on being able to make even the most awkward person comfortable in front of my camera (I’m usually out awkward-ing most of my clients, anyway. Did I mention my dancing?) When I lived in California, I was named one of the top photographers in Los Angeles (new goal: Best in the Midwest™). I have also photographed a book. My work has graced the pages of magazines, aisles of Target and (soon) the faces of greeting cards. I recently moved from California to Michigan with my husband, and am loving the change of seasons, nature, and space to run around with my dogs.

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