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Jenny Parulski

Hi there, I’m Jenny! I’m the Lead Ad Strategist and founder of Ads Uncorked LLC. I’ve worked with small businesses and global companies (CBS, Schwinn, Mongoose, etc.) alike, as well as given lectures at places like the University of Wisconsin – Madison and American Family Dream Bank on paid social media advertising. A lot of people would call me a Facebook Ads expert, but my pride is in being a mother. A wife. An outdoor enthusiast who enjoys a glass of red wine after the day is done. A woman who restarted her career and is able to both flex her schedule and provide for her family. An entrepreneur who wants to help small business owners and parents and anyone with big business dreams get those dreams off the ground and running. If you’re someone who wants to grow their email list, sell your product, book your calendar or a really-close-to-the-finish-line-er who needs to know the return on investment is there, I’m the missing link. My passion and reason for my business is helping people like you.

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