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Melisa Zimmerman

Hello I’m Melisa, and I’m NOT a photographer. Okay, I said it, now please don’t stone me and don’t stop reading. Our relationship works because I bring an outside perspective. As a mom, wife, entrepreneur, marketer and lover of all BIG ideas, it’s my mission at Kraft & Jute to help you look at your business from not only a photographer’s mindset, but a business and marketing perspective. I love to learn (and spend money) so I’ve been fortunate to get three degrees, an undergraduate in Marketing, my MBA and also my PhD. How does this make sense with paper and fabric? It makes total sense… and that’s what I love about my job at Kraft & Jute. We take something that is blah on it’s own. We add in a little of our own special spices, and then we help you understand the importance of using something in your marketing toolbox that EASILY gets overlooked to create and build a better photography business. When you’re ready to look at your packaging and marketing materials with more value… we’re ready to help! Conquerer of Paper and Fabric! Ruler of Boxes and Bows! Master of Nothing and Lover of Chocolate!

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