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Lauren Watne

My name is Lauren Watne and I am a senior at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado where I live. I go back to Minneapolis, Minnesota to hang out with my family over school breaks, though. I am majoring in business administration and marketing and plan to graduate this May! The Lord has set a fire in my heart for His love, and to empower people to journey in this same love. I am passionate about encouraging others to create and for Holy Spirit to awaken the dreams that have been put in their hearts by God the Creator. I am a girl who is fascinated by the details of life and a seeker of Jesus’s heart through them. My heart cry has been fueled by the wondering if there is more out there. I appreciate new beginnings and the adventure of spontaneity. I enjoy familiar faces but anticipate the beauty in meeting new ones. I am a creative thinker that loves to explore people’s minds and how they view the world. I am unashamed in my joy and I laugh because I believe in a love that has no limits.

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