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Tatiana O'Hara

Tatiana O’Hara is an Agency & Team Operations Coach that helps successful, yet overwhelmed online business owners create the structure needed for their team & daily operations, so they can focus on scaling sustainably. As a corporate leader turned business coach, she’s helped dozens of leaders optimize and build their team, and learn essential leadership skills that have yielded in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales growth. Through her signature RECOVER framework in her Grindaholics Anonymous coaching program her clients have been able to gain clarity around what tasks they should be doing and what types of things the team should be doing, resulting in better quality of life and company morale. Tatiana puts the focus on the things that matter most in our business- the people that run it! Some of her client wins include decreasing team payroll by 50%, hitting highest cash months while working less hours, decreasing average hour work weeks by more than 20%, and ultimate clarity on taking their companies to the next level. Overall, if you’re ready to stop being the doer of all things & ready to run a business that doesn’t run you, Tatiana is your gal. In her free time she enjoys roller skating backwards on an empty tennis court to some Drake or Ariana Grande, queso & margs, snuggles with her poodle pup Pluto, and Law & Order SVU reruns.

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