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Vanessa Vance

Vanessa Vance is an award-winning Certified Child Sleep Consultant. She founded Parent Heroes to help parents save time, money, and their sanity! Getting babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to sleep does not have to be difficult. Parent Heroes teaches parents how to sleep train their child with simple, evidence-based, and effective methods.
Does your nightlife include hourly awakenings? We want to transform your nighttime parenting to “Netflix” and “Chill”. Let us transform your family’s sleep.
Vanessa’s background as a Newborn ICU Nurse made her the “baby expert” who didn’t know how to get her own baby to sleep! She dove in deep and read all of the books, so you don’t have to! She has cracked the sleep code and is sharing this education with parents. Vanessa hopes that by having your kiddos sleeping it will strengthen your partnership with your partner and give you more of that precious free time. Free time AKA when you run your business.

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