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7 Steps to Becoming a Risk Taker

Take these 7 actionable steps from Biz & Bubbly's founder, Morgan Anderson, to become a calculated risk taker when managing your business.

Are You Ready to Become a Risk Taker?

I think risk taking is a behavior that is natural for us as humans. We did risky things all the time as kids, right?! We even played games where we “couldn’t step on the lava” because the risk of stepping on the dangerous ground was thrilling! But, as we get older, we tend to be much more fearful about being a risk taker. And we are especially careful when it comes to our businesses, we tend to tip-toe around decision we’re faced with.

Morgan Anderson learned all about becoming a risk taker when launching her blog, Biz and Bubbly!

Fake it ’til you make it

Above all, you must believe in yourself. Everyone is going to see right through you if you don’t think you can make this thing work. Have a strong, confident presence even when you don’t feel like it.

Be confident and unapologetic in your abilities. One way you can do this is by charging what you’re worth. Don’t be afraid of not getting hired. Charge what you’re worth, support yourself and your business, and let people know you’re serious about building your business.

Share your knowledge with your clients, customers, and peers. No matter what industry you’re in, you can prove you’re the go-to person in whatever you do if you share what you know. You can do this in “How to” or “Lessons Learned” posts, or simply share something you know that will be helpful to your dream clients.

Work ON your business, not just in it

You’ll never be able to make big waves or dream up the next big thing for your business if you’re always working in it. Don’t let the admin tasks wear you down.

Use as many free systems, softwares, and websites as possible to start automating your admin tasks. Then start paying for systems you’ve been using for free, if you need to. I highly recommend bootstrapping and leveraging a lot of free systems in the beginning, but there is a point in your business where you should pay a little extra to make your life a lot easier.

Hire an expert for the things you just don’t understand or hate doing. For instance, I outsource my photographing editing and it was the best decision I made for my business!

Batch the tasks that only you can do. If there are some things in your business you can’t give up just yet, be strict about when and how those tasks are done.

Be like Nike and Just Do It!

Not knowing what you want for your business is worse than being scared of a risk. With each opportunity that comes your way, you know in your heart if it’s one you want to take or not. Maybe you’re just not listening to the hint.

You can make saying yes or no to a risk easier by first sitting down right now and jotting down what kinds of risks you’re willing to take and what you’re not. I, for instance, am not willing to devote an entire day to working one-on-one with someone on a weekly basis outside of my home. While, I may risk not having a big fat paycheck by spending 8 hours a week, face to face with one client, that’s just not something I’m willing to do right now. I am, however, willing to drive an hour to a special shoot that someone else is styling and curating, I’m just the photographer. Although I might still spend all day there, but it’s an opportunity for me to be creative and do what I love, so that would be an easy yes.

Don’t dwell or be wishy-washy on your decisions. You are wasting precious time! Just say yes or no and move on. If you have any interest or pull in your heart to do the thing, JUST DO IT! Doing it will be so much better than feeling regretful later.

Set goals + reward yourself

I struggle with setting goals and keeping them. As you set your goals for the year, quarter, or month, remember that taking risks in your business might cause your goals to change. And that’s okay!

Have at least one small goal every day. That could be something as small as eating breakfast or starting your day with yoga! After you know your one major goal for the day, write out the 3 things that MUST get done, and do them before lunch. This will motivate you to get the most important things done, and you’ll have the rest of your day to be creative or achieve that small goal you set.

And always, always celebrate your goals!!! You took the time to set the goal and achieve it, now sit back and have a glass of wine or go out and treat yo’self. Seriously, you will get tired of the grind if you don’t step away and celebrate your wins.

Get rejected 100 times

Getting rejected isn’t easy, especially when you’re pitching something you’re really excited about. Remember that just as you say no to things that don’t bring you joy (or at least I hope you do), others are doing the same thing. Being rejected doesn’t mean they don’t value you. There are a million reasons they could have told you no. Don’t take it personally. Keep going and keep asking.

When I started Biz + Bubbly, I wanted to have 1-3 blog posts per week, but I knew there was no way I could do that many blog posts by myself. So, I pitched about 100 creatives to be a guest on my blog at the beginning of May. My June 1st, I hadn’t heard back from a few, some weren’t interested, and some just forgot to write their posts. BUT, because I reached out to so many, I had received enough drafts back to have content through August!

You can always factor in the rejections and learn from the people who said no. Next time you ask to collaborate or work together, make sure you’re making the offer irresistible. Make it REALLY good for them and worth their time.

Biz besties can be life savers

One thing that is really hard for me in this entrepreneurial space is that is gets really lonely sometimes. I often feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, and if I make one wrong move, my business will come tumbling down. That’s where community and business besties can come in to save the day.

Great ways to get one-on-one help with your business is to join or start a mastermind or have a steady coffee date with a biz bestie that can help you. It’s so great to bounce ideas off of others in the creative industry and get an outsider’s perspective on your business. You want their honest feedback, so when they give it, don’t take it as criticism. Learn from their perspective!

If you’re looking for a bigger community, go to your local TuesdaysTogether meetup! There are over 430 groups across the world! As I mentioned before, I lead the Dayton, Ohio chapter, and have for about 2 years now. The members of my group are so incredibly supportive and encouraging of each other and their businesses that it often brings me to tears. What can I say, I’m a cryer! That’s exactly what groups like this are for. To build each other up and not feel alone in our business journey.  If you don’t have a TuesdaysTogether near you, you can start a co-work day at a local coffee shop.  Invite 15 creatives in your area, and maybe a few of them will join you!

The secret to success is failure

A long time ago I realized failure just means you made a mistake. Maybe you took a risk that was too big. Perhaps you didn’t prepare for the risk properly. Maybe you just couldn’t carry through with it. However you failed, don’t let it keep you from being a risk taker in the future.

I am so excited for you to start being a risk taker in your business! You’ve got this and I will be here to cheer you on!!

For more actionable tips on Being a Risk Taker in Your Business, register for Morgan’s Webinar!

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