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Brand Voice & Copywriting

What is brand voice and copywriting?

There are very few things that encompass literally everything you do in business. One of those things? Brand voice and copywriting. Your brand voice dictates how you speak, write, market, engage with others, treat clients and more.

This month’s guide shares:

How to hone your brand voice and copywriting

Know your audience

Brand voice and how it relates to copywriting incorporates a wide range of business elements – from tone of voice to whether or not you use emojis in your Instagram captions. But none of it matters if you don’t know who you’re talking to. Knowing your audience and their deepest needs and desires helps you elevate your brand. You’ll take your brand voice from all about you, to all about helping your audience avoid pain points and increase value.

Sell with confidence

So it’s time to create content or sell your service or product? You need to know more than just what you offer. Instead, you need to know why you offer it and what kind of results your product or service provides. Speak and write with your brand voice front and center, and your audience’s needs in mind. Therefore, you have the opportunity to sell with confidence. Want a top copywriting formula for all your sales needs? Give PAS a try: Problem, Agitation, Solution.

Know how to put it all together

Because copywriting and brand voice permeate your entire business, you need to know how to apply it all. Use your DIY Brand Messaging Strategy tips from the guide to apply the concepts to everything you do. These tips are relevant for in-person experiences to copywriting for SEO and more. The more pull all your brand voice and copywriting knowledge together, the more comfortable you’ll become in connecting with and converting your “ideal client.”

One more Pro Tip:

When you’re writing or speaking… do so for only one person. You don’t have to be everything for everyone. Writing for one will help you focus on the ideal client you’re trying to serve. Hey, you can even give the person a name if it helps you envision! More than anything, tie all the brand voice and copywriting tips below together to transform your business marketing and communications once and for all.

What’s Inside - Brand Voice and Copywriting

Cassandra Le

Your brand voice sets you apart. It can be the difference between being remembered by your ideal clients and building brand loyalty, to not standing out online in a saturated industry (and losing clients as a result). Cassandra shares her easy 3-step formula to defining and getting clear on your brand voice so copywriting, conversation, and conversion is simple. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and secret to uplevel your brand voice and copywriting.

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Feyisola Ogunfemi

We all know ourselves better than anyone else… so why is finding your brand voice online so difficult? Feyisola breaks down the 3 main reasons it’s so tough to hone your brand voice and copywriting skills for digital platforms and social media, and 4 best practices to overcome those obstacles. She shares about how to know what to share from your personal life (without getting in the TMI zone), to overcome vanity metrics, and how to make your content feel personal and true to you without being tied to your phone all day.

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Fabi Paolini

Fabi shares about the impact that your purpose, passion, personality, and story has on defining your brand voice and attracting your dream clients. And it’s not just about copywriting, but also about your brand aesthetics. Her expertise helps you align what you stand for and your goals with your ideal client’s experience with your brand. You’ll finish reading her article and immediately know how to incorporate your newly developed brand voice into your copywriting and marketing, create consistent engaging emails, serve clients with passion and purpose, and more.

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Kaitlin Senter

The truth is… you’ll never be able to hire a copywriter for every single piece of copy or content you create. Which means… you need to learn to DIY your brand messaging strategy to ensure your brand voice stays consistent. Kaitlin breaks down the importance of a brand messaging guide and how to connect with your audience and convert them quickly. Find out the 6 key elements every brand messaging guide needs in the guide.

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Lauren Kutschke

Your website makes your sales process shine. It means your customer where they are at and serves as the final point before a client goes from browsing to booking. Lauren shares her 9 top tips for writing website copy that converts and ensuring your copywriting, CTAs, content, and more do the heavy lifting for you when building your business. Plus, learn how to make testimonials work their hardest and get access to swipe copy to get final approval from your clients if you make minor tweaks. With these 9 best practices you’ll have your website words thriving in no time.

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Stephanie Elle

Copywriting for SEO can feel overwhelming, especially if the education you’ve heard is all about fitting as many keywords into one single paragraph as possible… to where the sentences hardly make sense. However, SEO copywriting instead can be as simple as following key tips on everything from improving on-page SEO, to basing your content creation on your customer journey, to adapting your SERP strategy. (Not even sure what SERP is? Don’t worry, it’s all in the guide!)

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Krista Walsh

If the idea of selling immediately conjunes up a visual of a sleazy car salesperson, Krista has a way to turn that visual on its head. Instead, she shares the secret to a brand voice that naturally sells with empathy and generosity. Whether in a one-on-one sales call or writing a caption for Instagram, there is a better way to selling than seeing your audience member as a “target.” Find out her secrets to empathetic and generous sales in the guide.

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