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Business Goal Setting & Vision Casting

Mission, vision, values, and business goal setting: big words for entrepreneurs, but often pushed aside in the name of just getting the work done. This month, instead of focusing on the what, we’re focusing on the why and how with the goal of getting you more success in your business.

This month’s guide shares expert tips on:

What’s inside

Melissa Trelfa

Business goal setting starts with a clear vision, mission and values. If you’re ready to gain clarity on your direction and establish your path to get there, Melissa’s article is exactly what you need. She walks you through how to create your mission, vision, and values and how they all work together to build a strong business that fulfills your passions. Get her goal setting template in the guide to identify what’s important to you, create specific goals and measure your progress.

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Doreen Vanderhart

You can’t achieve your business goals without knowing just what you’re working from and toward. Doreen asks all the key questions on everything from your last year’s analytics and finances to the “gut check” of where you are and where you’d like to be. With her business assessment and pro tips on how to set goals and business plan for entrepreneurs, you’ll be ready to make SMART goals and stay on track toward achieving them all year.

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Naoma Serna-Zahn

You’ve probably asked yourself before if it’s time for a rebrand. In fact, you may even be wondering: “What is a brand?” Naoma shares insights about what exactly a “brand” entails and how to know if it’s time for you to rebrand. Answer the questions in her article to determine if it’s time for a full brand overhaul or if you simply need a brand refresh.

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Breshana Miller

The idea of a vision statement can be overwhelming for many entrepreneurs. How do you decide the guiding light and direction of your business? Breshana walks you through how to create a powerful vision statement that aligns with your mission and helps focus your goal setting for long term success. If you’re not sure where to begin (or even what a vision statement entails), this article is for you.

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Nadalie Bardo

Nadalie breaks down 5 simple steps toward setting and slaying your business goals. From deciding your number one priority all the way to action steps and time management, you’ll gain expert insight into the practice of goal setting for the new year and years to come.

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Katie L Matusky

Getting overwhelmed by project plans and action steps and all the post-its when it’s time to goal set? Katie flips the scripts on business goal setting in this article, sharing the true secret to goal setting success and peak performance. She also shows how to break down your goals into achievable steps. Get ready to learn about the achievement trifecta and how you can set yourself up for wins in 2020 (even if you’re motivation to stay the course is lacking).

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Laure Neff

Before you start dreaming big with your business goals, it’s just as important to look back with intention at the past year, where you spent your time, and where it actually paid off. See how I use HoneyBook to help me analyze patterns in my business, set goals, and make those goals happen in four simple steps.

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