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Business Owners: Here’s Why You Need a Pinterest Account

Are you a content creator, blogger, ecommerce store, local business, or small business? Regardless of what type of business you own, you need to have a Pinterest account for your business. Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, users actively search for answers to their problems, products to purchase, and ideas. And if you don’t have a Pinterest account, your business cannot help these potential clients and customers.

Pinterest is the third largest search engine

Third behind Google and YouTube in size, Pinterest is a search engine—albeit a visual search engine. This means that for your content to do well on this platform, you need to have well-designed pin images or graphics that directly correlate to the content you create. Businesses that create content such as blog posts or even ecommerce products will find Pinterest to be a beneficial addition to their marketing strategy.

Creating a Pinterest account for business

Make sure to upgrade to a Pinterest Business account to take advantage of the analytics Pinterest that provides. This is free and very easy to do. Plus, in the future, if you decide to run a Promoted Pin Campaign (Pinterest ads), you will need to have a business account.

Pinterest is an evergreen platform

While Pinterest is a search engine, one of the easiest ways to understand it is to compare it to Facebook and Instagram. Where Pinterest really stands out ahead of these two is the lifetime of your content. Unlike Facebook and Instagram where you may have 15 seconds of “fame,” content on Pinterest is evergreen.

Evergreen content means that it never “goes away.” Once something is saved to Pinterest, it is there for good. I love this because you never know when something may go viral in the future—even a two-year-old blog post!

Use your Pinterest account to funnel new clients

Pinterest is a great way to start warming up a cold audience. Remember how I said Pinterest is a visual search engine? Well, Pinners are all searching for something. That something could be a wedding photographer or a gift for their new mother-in-law or a recipe. And when you provide content as a resource to help the Pinterest user make their life a little bit easier, they are going to notice.

Perhaps you’re a wedding photographer and you provide a checklist printable of all the shots you don’t want to miss during your engagement party as a free email opt-in. This is a great way to provide a valuable resource to potential clients and start a relationship with them. And as business owners, we all know that personal relationships are the lifeline to success.

Pinterest can be automated

My absolute favorite thing about Pinterest is that I do not have to make new content every single day. Old content can be recycled on Pinterest with a new pin graphic or a different description. It is even encouraged to save the same pin to multiple boards—just make sure to spread this out over a minimum of 24-hour intervals.

Automating Pinterest through Tailwind can take the pressure off having to be present on the platform daily. While I do encourage you to consistently save pins on Pinterest, you don’t have to do it manually! With Tailwind’s new SmartLoop feature, you can basically set it and forget it when it comes to your own evergreen content.

Make your business Pinterest account today

If you don’t currently have a Pinterest account for your business, I want you to take five minutes to go set one up now. Why? Well, what do you plan to do if Facebook or Instagram closes down tomorrow? How do you plan to send traffic to your business website?

Even if those two powerhouses stay open forever, you are doing your business a disservice by not using Pinterest because you’re missing out on the traffic it can send your website. I’ve worked with clients that have as much as 98% of their website traffic coming from Pinterest alone. What could you do with an additional 98% of traffic?

Don’t miss your ideal client

By using Pinterest and sharing your content on the platform, you are meeting your ideal client where they are already searching and planning for the future. Over 250 million monthly users are active on Pinterest—is that something you can afford to miss?

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