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Closing the deal takes more than sales tactics

DJ Justin Kanoya shares how he upgraded his sales process by accepting digital payments in person

  Ahhh convenience. Convenience is that little thing in our life that we are willing to pay a little extra for because frankly, it would be inconvenient to use the alternative. It’s the type of thing that helps us make a decision because continuing to weigh additional options would be … wait for it … inconvenient. As a small business

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HoneyBook Business Management for Creatives Now Offers Batch Email Capability

We’re thrilled to announce our newest feature: Batch Email! Need to contact your client, your client’s mom, and your client’s 14 best friends? Great. It’s now easier than ever to send emails to small or large numbers of your clients or friends at once. Whatever you decide to use it for—announcements, special promotions, holiday greetings, or anything else—Batch Emails make

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The Opportunities BETA is here!

HoneyBook Business Management & Community for Creatives

What happens when creatives harness the power of their community? Opportunities. Endless opportunities. Energized by conversations with our inspiring HoneyBookers and pioneering Rising Tiders, we set out on a mission: build a high-quality online community that transforms the power of your connections into real business opportunities.  Plus it’s on mobile, too!   Why get excited? No more In-Search-Of’s scattered all over the

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Get to Know Our New Workflows Tool

HoneyBook Workflow for Creative Business Owners

Introducing Workflows —a new, more efficient way to manage your business in HoneyBook. After weeks spent designing, building, and testing, we’re thrilled to finally show off our newest feature. Workflows automate some of your most common tasks (like sending emails, brochures, and questionnaires) to help make your busy days a little easier. Because we know that for business owners, every

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#HoneyBookHackathon is Backathon!

HoneyBook Business Management Platform for Creative Business Owners

Looking for updates on our September 2017 Hackathon(mini)? Find them here. Welcome to our second HoneyBook Hackathon—three days of around the clock feature building, 24-hours per day, across two continents.  72 hours, 80 slices of pizza, 48 bagels, 72 Doughbie cookies, 32 danishes, 3 gallons of OJ, and 250 cups of coffee later… Here’s what we’ve got! But first, a peek into HoneyBook from Mark

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Your business deserves the best.

Business Management software for creative business owners

Great business management software can help you save hundreds of hours a year on client management, book clients faster than ever before, and keep your business safe and secure. Understanding all the different features and benefits and how they apply to your business can be challenging, so we went ahead and summarized why we think HoneyBook is the best thing

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Behind-the-scenes: Email Integration

We’re sharing a behind-the-scenes peek at how the magic happens, written by our very own Head of Engineering, Inon. HoneyBookers shared a couple of email-related concerns with us: Fear that emails coming from HoneyBook may go into clients’ spam folders Desire to maintain your brand and show your email address in the “From” field So, as always, we put our members first and dug

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Tune into the HoneyBook Hackathon

Your top features, our cozy slippers, one week...

Starting this Monday, we are getting our expert team of product folks, designers, and engineers together for a good ol’ fashioned hackathon, focused on the top features our community has been requesting recently - ownership over your branding and your communications to your clients!

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Feature Highlight: HoneyBook Email

The one place for all your client communication that is safe & secure with top deliverability!

HoneyBook makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with your clients and vendors. We ensure all communications are safe, secure, and have top deliverability to your clients.

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Official Rules: Dream Collaboration Giveaway

NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE DOES NOT INCREASE THE CHANCES OF WINNING. Eligibility: Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”) is open only to those who sign up at the online sweepstakes page and who are at least 18+ years old at the time of entry. The sweepstakes is open to the legal residents of the United States and

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