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Great first impressions

First impressions are formed in the blink of an eye. As an independent, you know how important the relationships you form with your clients are to the success of your business. Peace of mind is easier when you use a seamless, one-stop clientflow management platform like HoneyBook. No more client confusion, forgotten invoices, or double bookings. Then, you can use your newfound free time for goal setting to set yourself up for success!

There’s no time like the new year to audit your social channels, optimize your discovery phase, and hone in on your ideal client.

This resource covers how to:

Great first impressions: perfecting the first phase of your clientflow

Optimize your marketing and discovery process

The information you offer about your business online is your brand ambassador. It speaks volumes about how well you understand your prospective client’s needs and conveys your business’ personality. Giving the right information means knowing your target client and marketing to them.

Streamline initial contact and qualification steps

Contact forms are the bread and butter of lead generation. Use them to funnel prospects into your clientflow. Once you’ve qualified a lead, and responded quickly, the next most important part of your client interaction is setting the project up for success with client onboarding documents.

What's inside

Process mapping worksheet

Mapping your process is a key part of understanding your clientflow. Identify opportunities to streamline your process with a process map.

Ideal client profile worksheet

Who is your ideal client? Nothing is worse than a client who doesn’t fit your needs—figure out whom you want to work with so you can speak to those prospects directly.

Social media audit checklist

Make sure your social accounts are up to date with correct information so you don’t lose the lead.

Contact form template

When prospects land on your website, they should be heading for the contact form. What comprises a good contact form?

Client questionnaire checklist

It may seem weird to offer your clients a questionnaire, but in reality, it’s important to be sure you two are a good fit! Check out our ideas for what to ask a client in our checklist.

Client onboarding checklist

Once you determine a client is a good fit, it’s time to make sure you’ve given them (and they’ve given you) everything needed.

Client onboarding questionnaire

Get to know your clients so you can serve them well.

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