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3 Easy Ways to be an Everyday Philanthropist

We need to be an everyday philanthropist in our local communities and world. One step at a time, we can accomplish big things. Teamwork makes a dierence. 
Three simple ways to be an everyday philanthropist.
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As a community this month we are focusing on philanthropy. In this article, I’m going to share three simple ways you can integrate philanthropy into your everyday life as a creative entrepreneur. See, philanthropy isn’t just for the rich and it’s about more than money. I’m excited to show you. Believe it or not, all three ideas can all take place in one routine trip to the grocery store! As you practice in this small way I believe ideas for integrating philanthropy into your unique creative business will come to you.
(1) Be aware of strangers and smile at them. 
That’s right! Smile. You don’t have to be wealthy to be an everyday philanthropist! The definition is actually quite broader than this common use of the word. Philanthropy is for everyone. At it’s core, philanthropy is simply concern for someone else, which means there are a lot of ways to be a philanthropist. Acknowledging someone, giving an unexpected smile — it is concern for someone else’s emotional state, and guess what? It’s really good and healthy for the giver too!
(2) Say yes. Start small.
We are entering into a season of fundraising for a lot of awesome organizations. While it is dicult to imagine helping everyone on your own, it is possible to make a significant dierence through teamwork. Think about it! If I give a dollar at the grocery store checkout and you give one too along with each of the people reading, we can make a dierence. It might even encourage the person behind you to say yes too and create a chain-eect. You can be an initiator, a leader in philanthropy! It’s easy to be overwhelmed by need, but together we can overcome all kinds of things! Next time a cashier asks if you’d like to give a dollar — say yes, start small. 
(3) Say “good job.”
Those two words are powerful and are packed with all kinds of good, uplifting feelings. Walk into the grocery store with eyes to see people doing good work and tell them when you see it! It might feel a little awkward at first, talking to a stranger, but once you pick up momentum with this it becomes second nature. Even shy people can do it!
Might I suggest, philanthropy is in it’s purest form simply at attitude we all have the ability to cultivate through simple awareness. Be in the moment you’re in, present, noticing faces — people with stories, struggles and triumphs in life, family and business. Let’s all move just a little slower this season so we don’t miss the glorious opportunities that await for each and every one of us

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